Red Plaid and My Journey Update

I don't know about you, but I am so happy that the hot weather is finally gone. Up until last week it was pretty darn hot and I think a lot of us here in LA were waiting for the cooler season to kick in.
I have been wanting to wear thicker clothes, long sleeves, jackets, coats, etc and the heat dragging on into mid-Fall was making me a little sad.
Low and behold, I can finally wear my Fall/Winter clothes and I am quite excited.
For those of you who have been following me on Instagram (@graceyourself__) and following up on my weight loss/health/fitness updates as well as my blog, I have been so much happier with all these photos that I end up collecting for my blogging/Instagramming purposes.
I don't know if you can see it as much as I can, but there seems to be quite a difference between these recent photos versus a lot of my older blog photos. My face was definitely much more plump and the fit of my clothes were definitely different.
And don't even get me started on the size of my clothes... haha.
I have revealed the number of pounds I have lost couple posts ago and I have also posted a transformation photo on my Instagram page as well but there's one thing I haven't revealed yet.
I dropped 2 whole sizes on my jeans ever since I started my diet.
Can you believe that?!
There is a secret to these jeans that is actually not really much of a secret because I have told many of my friends already... but let me share it with you just because it's a progress update.
If you remember a few posts ago, I talked about how I have finally gotten myself a pair of blue jeans and how I haven't worn blue jeans in a long time. Probably for a few years or so.
These particular pair I am wearing in this post, are actually a pair of jeans from YEARS ago.
I always struggle with finding jeans with the right length because I am only 5 feet in height.
It's even more difficult because I was always too wide for my height and for my pants size, Hollister (and other brands) didn't carry "short" lengths. Even if I got lucky and found them in "short," they were still too long for me and I either had to deal with a chunk of scrunch on the ankles or actually go get them altered.
I ordered these online at the time when I wore this particular size and I was able to get them in the "short" length. However, when they arrived, I was unable to ever wear them out. I don't know what it was but it just would not go up all the way even though they were supposed to be the same size that I used to wear back in those days. I left them just sitting in my closet hoping that I would one day be able to fit into them. Years passed and I got even fatter, getting farther and farther away from even being able to wear them at all.
As I started this journey back in February and actually started seeing results of losing weight, I kept trying to fit into these even though they were 2 whole sizes smaller than what I was wearing then.
And then came the day when I ended up treating myself to a new pair of blue jeans from couple posts ago which was one whole size smaller than before. It felt great to even drop one whole size and it was definitely something that gave me more motivation.
I kept working out and training and whatnot and not too long after I purchased those jeans, they started getting pretty loose around the waist and the butt. I cannot wear them without a belt and I can actually take them off and put them on without even undoing the button and the zipper.
And then I was like hey... I think I'm actually ready to try these on again.
WALA, I actually fit into them and it actually went all the way up and zipped and buttoned and all of that! *pat myself on the back*
I cannot say that these jeans fit perfectly or exactly the way I want. Nor is it my ideal pant size.
My biggest problem with my lower body is that my thighs and calves lose weight the slowest and even with these particular pair of jeans, it's starting to get too loose on the waist and almost on the butt but the thighs and the calves are still very tight.
But it is a HUGE progress from when I started my journey and I just wanted to share with you that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE if you really put your mind to it.
I always thought it was going to be impossible to succeed in dieting, losing weight, and never in a million years did I think I was going to actually get really into the gym, working out, lifting, and having fitness goals both short-term and long-term.
To any and all you ladies and gents trying to lose weight and/or get fit, I am one to testify to you that it is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I can't thank my family and friends enough for the endless support and encouragement.
Back to the fashion part of this post, I picked up these new plaid button up the other day and I am absolutely i love. To be honest, I never used to shop for clothes at Target until pretty recently. They have been stepping up their game and I keep coming across pieces of clothing that I just think are so cute! There are a few other pieces that I picked up with this shirt that will be coming soon on the blog and I am super excited to rock them because they are super cute.
These shoes are one of my favorite pairs in my shoe collection.
I love the color.
I love the design.
I love that there is a ribbon to tie rather than just the typical belt type of a buckle.
And because they are not stilettos, they are more comfortable than you think.
They are super versatile and I love the height of them as well.
Even though the weather is starting to get chilly, this pair would actually be good for days when it's not freezing cold (since we're in LA it's never as cold as some other parts of the world) or for indoor events during this colder season.
Shirt - Target (
Jeans - Hollister (
Shoes - Madden Girls by Steve Madden (
Bag - Louis Vuitton (
Shades - Perverse (
My brother hooked it up with a cute pair of sunnies and I love them.
This brand actually has a lot of cute styles that I definitely want to get my hands on but with this particular pair, I love that the lens are super circular. I love the thicker frame detail as well.
Just a little funny tangent as always here on Grace Yourself, as many people like to make small yet strong features whenever I am doing my shoot.
I love it though, and I love adding them onto my posts.
I hope you guys are all having a wonderful week, and since it is getting colder make sure to stay warm and don't let your body get sick from the weather change!
Also, I have to include here that I am super proud of our baseball team making Game 7 happen in this year's World Series.
I am super stoke for tonight's game and for all you Dodger lovers, make sure you watch the game.

Grace Yourself.

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