Casual Transition into Fall

It is officially the Fall season, and I am super excited.
I love Fall fashion because I can actually layer and wear thicker clothes.
During the Summer, when it's a little too hot, there's a limit to how much you can take off or how little you can wear but when it's colder, you can totally just layer to keep warm.
Top - Zara (
Under shirt (tank) - Hollister (
Pants - Hollister (
Shoes - Birkenstock (
Bag - Louis Vuitton (
Because this is a transitioning outfit, it is not an outfit that fully equips you for the cold weather. I've paired up a cropped crew neck with just a thin tank top underneath. I also decided to show my toes by wearing my favorite slippers instead of hiding them away from the colder winds. You can easily pair this with a pair of jeans, shorts, or even leggings for the casual and comfortable look.
It was a nice day to have a photoshoot and here's my finale to show you that I had a lot of fun.
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Grace Yourself.

Florals for Fall

If you've been keeping up with me for some time, I'm sure you're aware that I've been on a dieting journey pretty much this entire year. And I'm not sure if you have noticed, but it's been bringing a lot of positive effects on my blog as well as my Instagram account (@graceyourself__).
Slowly but surely I am seeing progress on my journey, and I am trying to make progress on other parts of my life including my blogging life.
So just to kind of kick off this post, thank you friends, family and all followers who constantly show support and love. (:
I've been gaining more confidence over time because I've been working harder than ever to lose weight. With the right photographer along with this new confidence I have, it's easier to bring out the bolder poses. Thanks for these photos, Becky!
Shirt - Hollister (
Jacket - Zara (
Pants - Hollister (
Shoes - Steve Madden (
Clutch - Goyard (
These are some of my current favorite pieces, even though I do have quite a bit of new favorites in my closet. I love the floral bomber jacket because it's perfect for this Summer to Fall transition kind of a weather here in LA. It's not quite cold enough to bring out the sweaters and the knits but cool enough to throw on a light jacket like this.
And this clutch is a great size and addition to almost any of my outfits I've been enjoying lately.
Even though my friend still calls it the FedEx bag, I absolutely love it.
Just look at that beautiful, colorful jacket. It gives such a pop to the outfit that I think is so flattering with all the neutral colors I paired it with and if it wasn't weird to repeat my outfit every single day, I might even want to walk out of the house wearing this outfit all the time.
I am such a sucker for shoes and these shoes are the perfect for so many different outfits. I love them so much and might have to even get myself a staple pair so they're present in my life at all times.
They're super comfortable, not too tall which is perfect to boost a little bit of height (I really need the help because I'm only 5 feet tall) without killing your feet or looking too dressed up.
What more can you ask from a nice pair of sandal heels?
I hope you are enjoying your week and are excited for the weekend as much as I am.
Stay tuned on my Instagram account (@graceyourself__) the following week for an update on my dieting journey, because it's coming. IT'S COMING! Haha TGIF to you all and until next time,

Grace Yourself.

Pink White Gradation

This is my face after trying Gresescent Ice Cream in Downtown Los Angeles for the first time.
My friends have always talked about it and I have seen pictures all over Instagram and I finally went and tried it myself. I cannot remember the exact names of the flavors I had but one scoop was some sort of coffee flavor with caramel and the other scoop was a vanilla bean cookies n cream flavor.
I actually think that it's the best cookies n cream flavor I have ever tried.
I love vanilla based ice cream flavors in general and maybe it was the mixture of vanilla bean with the oreo instead of just regular vanilla but it was delicious.
I would definitely recommend it.
It was a nice place to end up at after having some delicious fried chicken.
Sunday funday with these ladies~
I just loved how all three of us were wearing black shoes but with such different styles.
It was definitely worth a shot.
Moving onto my outfit of the day, I paired up my new black pants with my favorite low sandal heels and a bright pink and white gradation shirt with blotches of white that looks as if you splashed some bleach on it.
I love that this shirt is so casual, comfortable, but a color that pops.
It was perfect with the nice white marbled walls as well, because the shirt really stood out.
I finished the whole look with a white clutch that I've been in love with.
It's the perfect size and it's easy to just carry it out whenever and with almost any kind of outfit.
And just a funny side note... my friend thinks it looks like a FedEx envelop.
Is that what clutches look like to guys? Haha
Shirt - Hollister (
Pants - Hollister (
Shoes - Steve Madden (
Clutch - Goyard (
Watch - Apple (
I am super excited for the cooler season coming up, and for all the Fall looks I can bring to the blog.
I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Grace Yourself.
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