Thursday, October 27, 2016

Jacket-Turned Shirt Dress

I went to Saddle Ranch in Hollywood for the first time this past Saturday, for an informal outing with a group of people that I really like. I wanted to look comfortable and casual but still fashionable, so I brought out my new favorite clothing item Kent Checkered Button Down Shirt ( If I can, I would wear this everyday. It's so comfortable and i can be worn in different ways.
The outerwear in this outfit was the new shirt dress. It is a button up dress that looks like just a button up shirt but is actually longer than a shirt and you can wear it literally as a dress. Because I knew I was going to be out at night and I knew I would end up feeling really cold if I just wore it as a dress, I put a simple black and white outfit together and threw the shirt dress on top as a jacket.
Because it is oversized, it gives a very comfortable look. I love that it has pockets on both sides because I can wear them with leggings and put my phone in those pockets.
Despite it being a new item in my closet, I have already worn it out on different occasions, whether it was to just drop off and pick up my mother from work along with different chores, or even to school because it's so comfortable and so easy to wear.
It's definitely one of those pieces that are easy for an effortless but fashionable look.
It's also perfect for this awkward season in Los Angeles with it being hotter during the day and cooler during the night.
For those of you who know, I've been rocking the Adidas Superstars ever since I got them.
They are absolutely the most comfortable pair of shoes I own and I love how it looks good on pretty much everything and anything. I have paired it up with some of my super casual outfits and also with some semi-casual outfits, skirts and pants, leggings and shorts and even with dresses. They're so versatile and I love, love, love them!
Jacket - Tobi (
Shirt - Everlane (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Adidas (
[Photocreds: Annie Park]
So here are some photos from the hang out. Group pictures were pretty hard and even worse because it was getting dark but with the help of my super wide angle lens, we were able to at least get everyone in the pictures.
I just had to include that blurry photo because I really love it for some reason.
It reminds me how chaotic we get when we get together but in the end we have such a great time with one another, pigging out together and talking our hearts away.
And of course, them selfies.
I had their Cajun Burger and it was pretty good. It was so big though, I only ate half of it.
And we also had three different types of dessert on the house as an apology for one of our orders coming out really late.
We moved locations for some tea after at a fairly new place in Koreatown called Cafe Giverny.
It was pretty nice, I will definitely be going back there some time.
And to finish this post, here's a photo of me and my tea taken by Yejin Kim.

Grace Yourself.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Poncho Love

With the weird mix of Summer weather and Fall weather, I decided to mix in pieces that I thought were very suitable for that weather. I love clothes that are comfortable yet fashionable. I mean, who doesn't? This particular Warmth Inside Hoodie Top( is perfect for when you want to be comfortable and when you don't want anything tight around your body. It's a very comfortable material that keeps you warm like a sweater does, and I love the slit details on the sides.
Top - Tobi (
Tank (under poncho) - Uniqlo (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Zooshoo/J.Adams (
Watch - Michael Kors (
If you're just going somewhere where you don't really mind what you wear (maybe like the market or even to just grab coffee with a friend real quick), you can easily just throw on this poncho hoodie with leggings and your choice of comfortable shoes and just run out of the house. I love how I can dress it up or down depending on what you pair with it.
Now these shoes are just love. They're fairly new in my shoe rack and I can't get over how comfortable they are, I can wear them literally all day and not have my feet hurt like they would with a lot of my other heels. And because they're not very tall, you can wear them without looking like you're trying really hard. But because it does have a bit of height compared to flats, they do give you a little bit of boost. I was about to order myself another pair because I will be very sad when I end up not being able to wear these anymore but they ran out of my size. I just really love them!
(I felt like being silly during the photoshoot haha)

I love the Fall season and I hope to share a lot of warm content with you guys!

Grace Yourself.