One-Piece Class

Before the actual sweater weather rolls in, here's a cute Sunday's best outfit by Sarah.
I was fooled because I thought this was a two-piece outfit.
It definitely would have been cute as a two-piece too, and it would've been cute as long pants as well.
Romper - Zara
Shoes - INC
Watch - Daniel Wellington
Clutch - ALAND (a Korean brand)
The band of her watch was a good color match for her entire outfit, because of the navy blue. The watch can be worn with a very casual outfit as well, but you can definitely dress it up by matching the color scheme well. And her clutch was just a classic black clutch, which looks good with almost any outfit and any look as well.
Kiju was just helping Sarah out a little, giving her some advices on posing. I couldn't leave these pictures out because it looks like she's what Koreans call "cody" for celebrities.
And I can't not include a commentary on her hair, because it looks beautiful.
I loved her choice of heels because any type of nude heels is a staple in a girl's wardrobe.
It looks good with almost any type of clothes of any color, and if you do not own a pair of nude heels, I highly recommend that you get one.
The block heels have been in lately, and they show off comfort that stilettos do not have.
Having a band around the ankle also makes it easier to walk in them because it holds your feet to the shoes rather than it slipping out all the time.
The slit in the back was my favorite part of the outfit. It is quite a simple outfit because it's just a one-piece that you pull on, but the slit detail made the outfit more interesting and gave the outfit character.
I hope you guys are looking forward to the sweater weather like me!

Grace Yourself.

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