New Year, New Goals

The new year is off to a good start, in many aspects of my life including my blogging life.
Improving the quality and adding variety to the actual content is a lot more of a detail-oriented work than one may think and it's been a constant struggle for me.
Unlike all those bloggers and youtubers I follow that do this as their full time jobs, this remains a hobby for me which means it takes more motivation and commitment to keep it going.
And with that said, I have been trying to think of ways to slowly revamp my blog page with more of a variety in content and style. I realized that I lack the creativity and the innovation that a content creator needs, and it's been difficult to find inspiration. I obviously need to put a little more thought and time into really diving into it, but it's definitely not easy when this is a hobby and I have other jobs that I actually need to attend to in order to make money.
One of the biggest constructive criticism I have received is that most of my posts are a little too similar to each other, which makes the content a little boring or less interesting. I am definitely working on that, but it's always a struggle to find the time and place for my photoshoots. I don't have a personal photographer like a lot of other people do and it's pretty difficult to shoot myself when all I have to work with is just an iPhone.
I hope that in the year 2018, I can do more with my blog page and get it to improve from what it is now.
 I want to publicly thank those around me for always supporting me with loving words of encouragement, constructive criticism, and being willing to take time out of their busy lives to be actively involved in my blog. I would not have gotten this far if it wasn't for everyone's support, including those who religiously read my blog posts.
I am openly welcoming all suggestions and ideas that can help me positively improve and develop my blog page, so please shoot me with any of your feedback if you care to share! I will be more than happy to take your feedback seriously. :)
Shirt - Adidas (
Jacket - Zara (
Pants - Hollister
Shoes - Adidas (
Thank you dearest Jessica for these amazing shots!
I am loving how these turned out.
On a side note, it may look like I am exclusively promoting for this particular brand but I just have been really obsessed with their products lately. Comfortable shirts are always even better if they are somewhat fashionable and these are definitely one of those.
I hope you guys are having a great start to the new year, and take this time to really think about some New Year's resolutions if you haven't already.
Improving my blog page is definitely one of them, and I look forward to all the other resolutions and goals that I have set for myself this year.
I would love to share more about my goals as time goes on, so stay tuned for more!
Until next time,

Grace Yourself.

Bye 2017, Hello 2018.

Happy New Year, everybody!
It's crazy how another year has passed, and how fast it passed.
I don't know about you, but 2017 was such a fast year for me.
Many things happened, both good and bad. I definitely feel that it was a year where I grew as a woman, as a person, and I am actually pretty excited for the new year and the kind of events, memories and relationships it will bring.
While a lot of bloggers and youtubers have already shared with their readers and viewers what their 2017 was like and what kind of resolutions they have for the new year, I don't think I'll be posting anything official for that. But you will definitely see even through my blog posts and also through my Instagram activity, all the new things that I will be pushing myself to do what I plan on doing in the new year.
I'm so excited!
While we are on the topic of the new year and all the excitement it holds, I am bringing you my New Year's Eve outfit of the day post as my first post of the new year.
You may say, "Isn't it a little too late to be posting your outfit from 2017?"
Well, I don't think so, it was definitely an outfit worth ending the old year and starting the new year with.
I absolutely loved, enjoyed and proudly rocked my NYE ootd because while it was chic, it was comfortable, warm and luxurous.
I wanted a pop of red in my outfit, but I realized I don't own any red shoes.
Funny story, I originally ordered these shoes thinking they were red.
Actually, I didn't think they were red. They were supposed to be red because the description of the color was straight up "red."
However, I got them in the mail only to find out they were more like a bright, hot orange kind of a color and was initially upset and disappointed.
I contemplated on whether to return them or to keep them, because even though it was not what I originally wanted, the color was growing on me the more I looked at them and wore them around the house. And like previously mentioned, I love pointed-toed shoes.
So I kept them. And since I didn't have a pair of red heels to give a holiday feel, I just put these on instead.
Shirt - A New Day from Target (
Pants - Zara (
Jacket - unknown
Shoes - Zooshoo (
With the super poppy pair of heels, I of course paired it with an all black outfit.
I needed to pick out an outerwear, because it was a chilly day and knowing myself, I need to throw on either a coat or some sort of jacket to keep myself warm.
While going through my closet, this particular jacket really stood out.
It was warm and it added a luxurious look to a simple yet chic look layered underneath.
A lot of people told me that I looked like a sheep with that jacket... and someone asked me if I killed a sheep for this jacket. HAHA Do I really look like a sheep?!
I want to say a major thanks to both Christine and Jessica for shooting this look for me, and look, there's Christine in the background doing her thang. Hehe
With major thanks to my friends who willingly agreed to be featured on Grace Yourself in the past year and also for shooting amazing photos for me, thank you in advance for all that will be done on this blog in the new year with your guys' help!
Love you all, and Happy New Year once again. Until next time,

Grace Yourself.
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