Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Purple Cardigan

I am loving this color combination put together by our beloved Miss Seolovely, Christine.
The color scheme of purple with the black gives kind of a vampy feel, but the pieces of clothing are so cute and lovely.
Shirt - Promesa (www.promesala.com)
Cardigan - Promesa (www.promesala.com)
Jeans - Forever 21 (www.forever21.com)
Bag - Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com)
These photos were taken before it got really cold, and looking at this outfit just makes me really want warmer weather again. This Winter season has definitely been one of the longest Winters I've experienced living here in LA.
I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far.
Stay warm and don't get sick!

Grace Yourself.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oversized Denim Jacket

Here's a new face, a new model being featured on Grace Yourself.
I've been trying to get her on here for quite some time now, but she always refused.
She is finally here and guess what? 
She is none other than the little sister of Grace Yourself's beloved model Jane, and her name is Pauline.
Hoodie - Brandy Melville (www.brandymelvilleusa.com)
Jacket - Wrangler Jeans (www.wrangler.com)
Pants - Top Shop (www.us.topshop.com)
Shoes - Adidas (www.adidas.com)
Maybe it's because the older females in her family are such stylish people, but she definitely is well dressed for a junior high student. Not only that, she has the height that her sister doesn't have.
It's definitely easier to look good in different outfits if you have long and thin legs, so you know.
She is just blessed.
I absolutely loved the way she layered, with the light pink cropped hoodie layered underneath an oversized denim jacket. It was such a cute outfit that was casual yet stylish and fashionable.
Rolling up the sleeves and showing more of the pink from her cropped hoodie gave the cute but kind of edgy feel to the outfit, which I loved.
She's so silly, isn't she?
I love it.
Here are some cute photos I didn't want to leave out.
I feel like you can totally see the resemblance between her and Jane, with the amount of funny but cute photos I was able to get out of the shoot.
Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a new face on here, I hope to bring her back from time to time.
Have a good rest of the week!

Grace Yourself.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pink and Flowery

It's kind of funny that I'm posting a look that is not really Valentine's Day themed on Valentine's Day, but here goes a new look on the blog.
I love florals, I love pretty and bright colors, and I also love the black/gray colors.
You can find all of that in this look, with the scarf giving a pop of color and point in the entire outfit.
Shirt - Zara (www.zara.com)
Pants - Zara (www.zara.com)
Shoes - BP from Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com)
Scarf - Unknown
Clutch - Ross (www.rossstores.com)
I got this cute clutch that says "Sunday Funday" for only $5 at Ross. What a steal for just five dollars. I really like it, even though I feel a little weird to carry it on a day that is not a Sunday.
The little fur ball was not a part of the clutch, I went ahead and just attached it for this look.
I love that I can take it off and attach it on any of my other bags if I wanted.
The thing I love about this top is the side details. The top itself is super simple with no prints on it, but that side detail really makes the top special. It gives such a feminine feel to what can be just a simple and plain top. I love the fact that they are slits, and I love the fact that there is kind of like a frill detail that gives it the dressy feel. 
Fun fact: I made a bet with two of my friends to lose 20 pounds by June, which means I have to really watch my diet and the kinds of food I consume, as well as making sure to exercise enough.
I hope I can succeed so I don't have to pay my friends HAHA.
Let's go, 20 pounds by June!

Grace Yourself.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Gray Coat and Blush Booties

Miss Seolovely is back with a cute Winter outfit on Grace Yourself.
Her blush booties were super cute and the coat was such a cute pair with the shoes.
Her whole outfit was a pastel toned palette with some thickness in the materials for the cold weather.
Shirt - Forever 21 (www.forever21.com)
Coat - GAP (www.gap.com)
Jeans - PacSun (www.pacsun.com)
Shoes - Call It Spring (www.callitspring.com)
Bag - McLanee (www.mclanee.co.kr)

I have been quite sick for some time and I think all of you should really be careful because this virus is crazy annoying and will not leave you alone. T-T
Stay warm like Miss Seolovely here, and don't get sick like me!

Grace Yourself.