Etsy Shop: shopgraceyourself

It's been a minute since my last post and I have something completely different for you today. I started an Etsy Shop! A lot of people have been cooking, baking, etc during this quarantine but I've been crocheting some dish scrubbies (and baking cookies hehe). At first, I was crocheting them as a hobby and to pass time being at home all day. But with some encouragement and ideas from people around me, I decided to turn it into a small business!

Crocheted dish scrubbies have been very popular in Korea. A lot of people make various kinds of scrubbies, from simple ones such as mine to ones with designs and different shapes. I have seen some of the crocheted scrubbies you can buy out there in stores or markets around town and they weren't cute. But this round one is super cute! I use Korean scrubby yarn and the quality is different from the ones you can find at JoAnns. (I'm telling you, these pictures do not do justice to its actual beauty!)
Lighting isn't very good at my house so it's a little difficult to take pictures that show the exact color of the product. I don't filter my photos in the hopes of bringing out the truest color. But I do white out the background of my photos when I take it against my white wall because it's kind of dim.😛 If you want to see all the color options I have, you can go to my "shopgraceyourself" Instagram page. You can also go to my Etsy Shop to see pictures as well as the colors that are actually in stock.
Other than the simple round scrubbies, I also make these egg scrubbies. Aren't they super cute?! I found the mini frying pan at Daiso, and it was the perfect size for my egg scrubby. My mom is obsessed with all my scrubbies but especially with this one. She says they are her favorite. You can also see more pictures of this on my IG as well as my Etsy Shop.

And before I go, I wanted to do a shoutout for all my friends that have been very encouraging and supportive throughout this time. Thank you for purchasing, sharing and liking my posts and all of that good stuff! It's exciting to be able to use my talents to bring cute scrubbies to your guys' kitchens. They look cute in your kitchen, and they look cute in your guys' friends&families' kitchens. So if you need a little cute gift, you know where to find them.😉
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