Chic Leather

It's been a while since Sarah has been on Grace Yourself, and she's back with a chic office style look.
This is an outfit that you can easily wear as an office attire with a pop of edginess to it but also an outfit you can rock to church like Sarah did, or for events such as conferences or whatnot that may require a formal-ish look, or even when you have a girls' night out at a classy bar in town.
It's a look that can be rocked even when you just feel like looking chic and nice and just put together.
Instead of a blazer or a suit jacket to go with the slacks, Sarah chose to pair it with a leather jacket.
Leather jackets are hard to pull off in my opinion, although it's an item that can be easily dressed up or down. I love that her jacket is at the perfect length. I also love the zipper and metal hardware on the jacket, down even to the size of the zipper detail.
It's just the perfect style of leather jacket that I would want for myself, if it wasn't the price tag on this particular jacket.
Shirt - Zara (
Jacket - All Saints (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Aldo (
Bag - A-Land (
I am a huge sucker for pointy-toed heels. I am naturally so drawn to that style that even in my own shoe closet, I have quite a number of heels that are pointy-toed. Even when I'm out and about shopping, I definitely feel a lot more drawn to pointy-toed shoes whether they are heels, flats, or even boots. I love the way they make my feet look and I absolutely love how it's a fierce but feminine kind of a feel. Totally my style.
Sarah started dancing in the middle of the photoshoot saying that she feels awkward and all, and then she got super shy all of a sudden. Hehe, she's so cute. A lot of my friends are cute, what can I say. ;)
Her clutch was the perfect little bag to carry with this chic outfit. It was a black faux leather clutch she picked up in Korea and the leather was a textured type of a material.
Because it was black, it went really well with the entirety of her outfit and really added to the chicness versus if she was to carry a purse or a different type of bag.
The size of the clutch is perfect to hold just the must haves such as wallet, phone, keys, and I loved the design of it with the flap and a little cut-out detail in the front.
Hope you all are having a wonderful last day of November, feeling ready and excited for December.
As always, I am excited to bring you more content as well as features of my lovely friends.
With the abrupt weather changes throughout the day, make sure to keep yourself from getting sick!
Until next time,

Grace Yourself.

Ribbon It Up

It is ever so slowly transitioning into the colder weather, although there was a spike in the temperature this week. 
I'm finally able to wear long sleeve shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and even knits which is super exciting.
This particular crewneck sweater top I'm wearing is a new obsession.
It's like a combination of super comfortable and super casual, but with a detail on the wrists that make this top not so ordinary and a little pop of a feminine touch.
I love that it's unique but not just unique. It's cute.
And the color? Don't even get me started. It's that dusty, rosey pink. Love, love, love!
By the way, please excuse the hair situation going on. I was having a pretty bad hair day. The winds were really making it difficult for my stray hairs to stay put and not fly everywhere.
Every time I wash my hair, a ton of hair falls out. Even when I'm just going about my day, a ton of hair falls out. It's to the point I'm almost scared that I may actually be dealing with hair loss... let's hope that's not what it is. But because my hair falls out so much, there are also a ton of hair trying to grow back. Those are the bunch of stray hairs that really like to stick out and make me look funny. It seems like there isn't much I can do but just be patient and accept that my hair will be like this for some time.
It's also been a long time since I last brought out these booties that I wore literally all the time last year and the year before. They're super comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I have definitely paired them up with different types of outfits for multiple different occasions in the past and I'm excited to be able to wear them again this Fall/Winter season, and probably into the Spring season as well. They give me the height boost that I need, and they're super comfortable on the feet. They're super versatile and easy to rock with a lot of outfits.
Top - Target (
Pants - Hollister (
Shoes - BP from Nordstrom (
Bag - Fjallraven Kanken (
I don't know if you noticed something about this post, but it's my first time featuring a pair of pants that are not black or dark blue. I've been updating you on my journey here and there, and here's another quick update. These are my first pair of pants that are not the usual black, nor the blue jeans I've been wearing more frequently. On top of that, they are actually the smallest sized pants I have bought in years. I will have a more detailed update some time later in the future, but it's 2/3 whole sizes smaller than what I wore when I first began this journey. It definitely is a marker of my progress and a prized pair of pants that I will love until I can no longer fit into them anymore.
Lastly, my choice of bag with this outfit just had to be the cute little backpack that I own.
Not only was it perfect to pair with this semi casual outfit, it created a balance in the color coordination with the shoes. And sometimes, there are those days when you just don't want to worry too much about what you're lugging around. These are perfect for those days. They fit all your necessities from wallet, keys, make up and even my water bottle, which I try to carry with me everywhere to stay hydrated. 
These guys really wanted to get in on my photoshoot.
Like always.
Yes, model that Fiji water. HAHA I have some funny friends :)
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving Day with loved ones and Happy Black Friday!
Until next time,

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Pinstripe Trousers

It's almost unreal how the weather here in LA keeps going back and forth from being cold to being warm, cold and warm again... a little too frequent for this season. But at the same time, it's LA. Why am I even surprised? 
Here's Christine, rocking a pair of lightweight pinstripe trousers from Korea paired with a simple white tee. This is only possible because it's warm enough to wear lightweight clothes like this on certain days. Once again, it's LA. What do we expect.
I love that the color palette of the outfit is simply just black and white. 
The color scheme is super simple and basic yet the style of the pants really give this look character.
These types of trousers are not the kind of pants that can be pulled off by just anyone and everyone.
Because of the fact that these are high-waisted trousers and that the pinstripes are vertical and not horizontal, it can easily make your legs look elongated. Pair it up with a fitted top to show off the high-waisted style and slip on a pair of high heels to give you that height boost. You can definitely look taller than you are, and give the imagery of your legs being really long.
The material of these pants are chiffon, but they are thick enough of a chiffon material that is not see through. You don't want these to be heavy chiffon because heavier clothes tend to make your body feel more tired after some hours of wearing it, but you definitely want to make sure that it's not see through and that it'll hide what needs to be hidden properly. And because the shape and the flow of the pants are not a tight fit, the chiffon being too thick will not give a pretty shape to the body and the look as a whole so that's definitely something you should check for when you are styling or purchasing these kind of pants.
With these pants being super comfortable to wear while being fashionable, it's definitely a plus that these have an elastic waistband, with a drawstring detail to tie a ribbon in the middle.
The ribbon definitely makes the pants less boring, and the elastic waistband makes it easier for the pants to fit. 
Plus, if it's a day where you have plans to eat quite a bit, that elastic waistband will save you some trouble. ;)
Shirt - Forever 21 (
Pants - Korea
Shoes - Call It Spring (
Silly photos are always a must feature on Grace Yourself, right?
Haha cuties<3
*Christine's highlight is ON FLEEK. Can you agree or what.
Sorry for the lag on this post, things got kind of crazy.
I have more content coming your way so be excited!
I look forward to bringing them to you and sharing them with you.
Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!

Grace Yourself.
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