Monday, September 29, 2014

Butterfly Effect

Here I am, featuring my most featured model besides myself -- Jane Kim.
It's funny that these are actually not planned on.
She just keeps wearing clothes that I want to photograph, which then ends up on my blog.

She wore these cool looking shirt that was kind of a poncho style.
Because of the print and the colors of the print, it really reminded me of a butterfly.
She paired them up with white pants that weren't quite capris but not quite pants either from American Eagle, with simple black flats that are from Zara (These shoes were also featured in F is for Friends. Check it out!)

Shirt - Ibanat Surfer
Pants - American Eagle
Shoes - Zara

[These photos were taken next to church just on the streets.]

I just really loved this outfit because it was so bright that it felt like I was looking at light.
I wish I can pull off white pants.
Can you pull it off?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Get Your Class On

Are you ready to get your class on today?

This dress is kind of a new addition to my closet. This was only the second time wearing it, and I absolutely love it.

I ordered it from an online site, IDEEL [They used to go by the name of "IDEELI" but they have changed now to "IDEEL" instead.] and the company of the dress is "Mlle Gabrielle."

I love how this dress is kind of longer than the other dresses I own/wear but doesn't really feel that long.
It comes below my knees unlike most of my dresses, so it gives kind of a conservative look. However, it doesn't stay boring from looking conservative because of the back detail.

The criss-cross gives a flirty look, especially because it's showing some skin.
But because of the length of the dress, and the classy ribbon on the waist, and the nicely printed white dots all over the dress, the dress is quite a classy looking one.

I paired this dress with my current favorite heels from Calvin Klein that I purchased from Marshall. Although these shoes are without platforms, they are so comfortable to the feet and on good days, I can wear them all day without too much of a problem.

***Excuse my toenails for they need to be re-done.***

[These photos were taken next to my church on the street.]


These girls came running to me as they saw me taking photos, asking if this was where grace yourself happens. HAHA they're so cute.

Sooyeon, Sophie, Amy. <3

Sophie was featured recently on one of my blog posts. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


This is a modest girl of tans by the name of Esther Lee.
She is a senior at UCLA, and she is a smart girl with a huge heart.

Something was definitely up, because people that normally aren't so girly were wearing such girly clothes the day I photographed all of them.

She put together a simple gray v-neck from Forever 21 with a floral skirt from H&M.
The color scheme of the floral skirt gave a Spring feel, 
but this casual outfit worked for a hot summer day.

She wore these really simple, neutral sandals from Target.
Her flipflop tan is quite visible, but I'll take that one as a part of her fashion. HAHA

But most importantly, I loved the prints and the color scheme of her floral skirt.

Thank you Esther for allowing me to photograph and feature you!

Friday, September 12, 2014




For those of you who know her... did you ever think she can be so girly?

She totally rocked the bright floral skirt the other day, which is totally my style.
If you don't know, I love flowers. Especially floral prints on clothes.

She paired a low-cut white round tee with a vibrant floral skirt with simple sandals.
The blank, white tee made a nice pair with the crazy colorful skirt while the simplicity and the neutral color of the sandals gave a pop to the color and design of the skirt.

She almost never wears skirts, so it was quite new to see her in one.
Not only was it a skirt, it was a floral skirt with vibrant colors.
She likes to keep her outfit quite neutral all the time, so it was an awesome change.
And of course, I had to take pictures of her and make a blogpost out of it.

Shirt - James Perse
Skirt - Pac Sun
Shoes - sandals from Uggs

She was quite a natural at modeling as well, although sometimes she would funk up her poses to kind of fit her personality.

Who knew Rachel can be so lady-like?

Well...obviously she's got a long way to go.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Vibrant Vibes

I was very honored to have my friend Eunice aka Miss Danbee be my photographer a week ago.

For those of you guys who do not know, she is a fashion blogger herself, and she is a lot more experienced and professional than I am. 
She was also the first person to be on my blog [FEATURING: Miss Danbee].

She and I have very distinctively different fashion styles, but she is an inspiration for me as a blogger in so many ways. 

We got dolled up for a shoot, and went up to the "rooftop" of our work place, Madang.
There was a lot of sun when we went up there, which made it a little difficult to get good shots.
There was also more wind than I would've liked, making my shirt blow up and making me look like a pregnant lady.

I decided I was going to wear this new top that I've only worn once before the photo shoot.
It is quite colorful and bright, which I felt was perfect for the hot season.
I had debated on whether I wanted to wear it with black shorts as I had before, or if I wanted to just keep it neat and easy with black pants(I have to wear long black bottoms for work haha).

I paired my beautiful top with the usual accessories: my Michael Kors aviators and my Michael Kors rose gold watch. I love my watch to death, it's like ridiculous. I wear them pretty much every single day without a fail.
I also wore a cross bracelet on the other wrist, although I don't have a detailed shot of it here.

It is also the first time featuring these sandals(I think... I might be wrong).
I got them online from IDEEL for like $15, but they're from Bamboo.
My top is also something I ordered from IDEEL, for about the same price if not cheaper.

Yes, I love the vibrant colors and the floral print, but my most favorite part of this top is the back design. It is just gorgeous, how there's a cut and the fabric is overlapping. I absolutely love it, and Eunice did a great job of getting this on camera.

I couldn't leave this picture out, I just really loved the way my hair came out.
Maybe I will do a blog post on my Timeless Beauty blog of how I get my hair to come out like that, but I wanted to change it up a little since the past posts of me were my usual, long&straight hair.

When I feel kind of awkward and start running out of poses, I make funny faces at the camera.
Oh, and the cross bracelet that I mentioned above is shown here, although it lacks detail. It's pretty much just a bracelet with small crosses linked together.

There is one last photo that I would like to present to you before I bring this post to an end.
Photocreds to me, myself, and I!

A major shout out to my beloved friend who was very determined and dedicated in taking pictures of me, as you can see in the picture. She's so cute...hehe. Make sure to check her out if you haven't already! []