Get Your Class On

Are you ready to get your class on today?

This dress is kind of a new addition to my closet. This was only the second time wearing it, and I absolutely love it.

I ordered it from an online site, IDEEL [They used to go by the name of "IDEELI" but they have changed now to "IDEEL" instead.] and the company of the dress is "Mlle Gabrielle."

I love how this dress is kind of longer than the other dresses I own/wear but doesn't really feel that long.
It comes below my knees unlike most of my dresses, so it gives kind of a conservative look. However, it doesn't stay boring from looking conservative because of the back detail.

The criss-cross gives a flirty look, especially because it's showing some skin.
But because of the length of the dress, and the classy ribbon on the waist, and the nicely printed white dots all over the dress, the dress is quite a classy looking one.

I paired this dress with my current favorite heels from Calvin Klein that I purchased from Marshall. Although these shoes are without platforms, they are so comfortable to the feet and on good days, I can wear them all day without too much of a problem.

***Excuse my toenails for they need to be re-done.***

[These photos were taken next to my church on the street.]


These girls came running to me as they saw me taking photos, asking if this was where grace yourself happens. HAHA they're so cute.

Sooyeon, Sophie, Amy. <3

Sophie was featured recently on one of my blog posts. 

FEATURING: Chelsea Pae

This is Chelsea Pae, a junior at USC.
As you can and will see, she is a super natural at this modeling business.
She was the photographer for one of my previous posts, Colors & Collars.
She is an amazing person, and most definitely one of my favorite people.

She was rocking a deep green, long sleeve crop top from H&M, along with a black high-waisted skirt from a random shop in Hongdae, Korea.
The only accessory she paired her outfit with, was a tiny diamond necklace from Tiffany & Co.

She matched up a pair of sandals from Urban Outfitters.
I always wish I can wear some of the more trendy sandals but always fail to find ones that I like on me because of my wide feet.
I also love how her sandals have two ankle straps instead of the usual one, which is actually a tough concept for people like me with short and thick legs.

I really liked her outfit because it was one of those outfits that I just don't really see myself pulling off very well, but it suited her so well.
I've actually seen her wear several high-waisted A line skirts, and they look really good on her.
When she adds a pair of pumps with them, her legs look sexy.
She was very cooperative with the photo shoot and I had a blast.
She was such a natural at this, that I had to post these photos.

I hope you enjoyed Chelsea's modeling as much as I did.

White N Jeans: JJK

I had the opportunity to scout and feature these lovely ladies yesterday.
I actually got to scout a couple of my other girlfriends too, which is a super exciting thing for my blogging hobby.

These girls walked into church as if they planned their outfits together.
They looked like twins, but at the same time had different twists and match-ups to their outfits.
I couldn't just let this awesome opportunity pass by.

First up is Jane Kim, who is a super familiar face on my blog whether through featuring posts or by being my photographer.
[Check out other blogposts of Jane: F is for Friends , Summer Breeze: Jane Kim , FEATURING: Jane Kim ]

Shirt - Splendid

She was just wearing a very simple, white button up shirt that has a round-shaped bottom in the front and the back. The shirt also has an adjustable buckle kind of a thing attached to each sleeves, which is used to crop the sleeves. 
This type of shirt that has round-shaped bottom, especially at this length, looks better on people that are either tall or thin. However, if you're short and wide like myself, this length and shape will make you look shorter.

Pants - jeans from Zara

I love how these jeans have nice rips in the front but have absolutely no rips in the back other than the one area by the right butt-pocket. 

Shoes - Burberry

I complimented Jane for her shoes prior to the shooting, and I asked her where it's from.
As you can see right above this paragraph, it's from "Burberry." (They are her mom's shoes.)
I love how they are low wedges that would make it easy to walk in. The lacing of the shoe may be a bit uncomfortable for when you put them on or take them off, but that part gives the cute but feminine look that actually goes well for the summer season.
These shoes can be paired up with any simple outfits including summer dresses and even shorts.
They were an excellent choice of pop to pair with her very simple outfit.


Next up is Julie Kwon, a junior at UCLA.
This is her first time being featured in my blog, and dang. She is thin and long.
*JEALOUS* haha

Shirt - A tank from American Eagle

This tank has small buttons in the front and has a frilly finish to the ends of the tank.
This shirt was actually a great choice for yesterday's stinking hot weather.
It's not a tight fit, it's low-cut, and it's sleeveless.
And white is just an amazing color to wear regardless of the season in my opinion.

Pants - jeans from Abercrombie & Fitch

I actually really liked the fit of her jeans.
They weren't tight but they weren't the typical baggy boyfriend jeans.
These kind of jeans or even the baggy boyfriend jeans look a lot better on thin people.
And what do you know, it looks even better on people with long legs.
Way to go, Julie!

Bag - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Lacoste

I loved how she matched the white and jeans look with simple white sneakers.


Last up is Kiju Lee, who is also a junior at UCLA.
She has such nice, clean, WHITE skin... it's quite amazing.

Shirt - from Korea

From the front, the shirt looks like a normal white button-up shirt.
However, you can see that there is something unique about this shirt when you see the back.
This shirt as well, is something that looks better on skinny and tall people because of the shape.
The front isn't too long but the back is a long round shape.
It's also a loose-fit, baggy shirt which can make a chubby person look even bigger.

Pants - Jeans from Levi's
Shoes - Converse

She paired up the shirt with skinny jeans, which looked good because the top was baggy.
You can also pair this shirt with leggings or shorts.

Bag - from Korea
Bracelets - ASOS (gold), and H&M (coral)

I loved her accessories. I've been having more and more interest in accessories like bracelets and rings and she chose beads on one wrist and a bangle on the other. There are definitely numerous types of jewelry you can wear with this outfit but she kept it simple.

**Similar facts about their outfits**
-all three of their jeans are folded
-all three of them are wearing a basic tank top underneath
-all three of their tops have buttons

Thanks, girls. <3
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