Wedding #OOTD

I went to a wedding recently, where two of my friends from church got married.
After contemplating on what to wear for like forever, I came across this beautiful dress at Zara a week before the wedding. It was crazy because it was the last one in stock at that store, and it was XS but it fit me well. My mom kept saying I had to get it, and I definitely felt like it was meant to be.
Now that the sun goes down a lot faster than during the Summer, it's really hard to take photos if you miss the timing. And by the time the ceremony was over, it was completely dark outside. Thankfully these photos turned out not bad but to be honest with you, I didn't really like the background for this shoot. I didn't think the photos were going to come out very nicely, because of the background and the different colors of the floor.
I paired the dress with my favorite sandal heels. I wanted to wear taller heels but I ended up sticking with the short ones I had because it looked the best and it was also going to be the most comfortable on the feet.
After the wedding, Chelsea (photocreds to her for all of this!) and I stopped by at a friend's place to change out of these clothes into something a little more appropriate for the after party we were going to, and I thought these brick walls would look better so I had another quick photoshoot in the parking lot.
Dress - Zara (
Shoes - Zooshoo (
Purse - Kate Spade (
I felt like I needed some pictures with Chelsea because I never got full body shots with her, so we made Jeff take a bunch of pictures for us inside his house. The lighting was pretty terrible but it was fun.
Chelsea's outfit:
Dress - Tobi (
Shoes - Rebecca Minkoff (
Here are some of the photobooth pictures from the wedding.
Congrats to the newly weds, I hope you guys have a wonderful married life!

Grace Yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just with a short and kind of a funny post, I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to you guys.
The High School Ministry at my church had a Thanksgiving banquet last week, and their backdrop for the photobooth was so cute I just had to take a few photos.
I've been in love with everything I'm wearing here, for both semi-casual outfits and kind of more dressy outfits. The cardigan was actually purchased last Winter, and I'm so happy to be rocking my knit cardigans once again. It's such a loose and comfortable fit, I can totally wear it everyday.
I also picked up some really cute loose-fitting button-up shirts from Zara a while back, and those too, I would wear them everyday if I could. And those shoes? I am just so in love. They're such versatile shoes, and are super duper comfortable.
Shirt - Zara (
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Zooshoo (


Here are just some funny photos of my beloved brothers and sister from Arise EM, I am thankful for a community and a family that is supportive of my hobbies such as Grace Yourself, and I thank God for these people in my life. <3
This was just too good to not post. Thanks David, for being my personal light person for this shoot! HAHA
Happy Gobble Day and much thanks to all who encourage me in continuing my blog and for loving me and loving Grace Yourself! God Bless You!

Grace Yourself.

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