Mermade Hair Waver Tutorial/Review

My hair has been getting pretty long during this quarantine as I'm sure is the case for almost everyone else. I've been a huge fan of my short short hair for the past year or so, and this might be the record length ever since I started cutting my hair short. Although I'm dying to cut my hair again, this works out because of the new hair tool I get to play around with.
 I got the Mermade Hair Waver tool as a birthday present from my friends Jane and Allan. It's a very intimidating looking tool at first, kind of big and heavy. Definitely nothing like any other hair tools I've used or even seen! It's supposed to create this wavy look which is termed "mermaid hair" instead of the curls that we're used to.
It took a couple of tries to get the hang of it, and I think that's pretty good for a new hair tool! And you can click here to see me in action. 😊
- don't start too high up (Thanks Jane for the tip!)
- use the tool with the back side up (press the clamp with your thumb)
- make sure to wear the glove to avoid burning your skin
- use heat protectant spray if you have one
- rest in between hair sections if needed, the tool is quite heavy and it can hurt your wrist
- trust the process (my first clump of hair usually doesn't turn out to my satisfaction but once the whole head is done, it ends up looking fine)

If you like this wavy look, I would definitely recommend this tool. It's different from your typical curls, and it's also different from crimping your hair. It works for medium length hair and long hair, you can go to their website or their Instagram page to check out how it looks on all kinds of hair lengths/colors. Although I've been really enjoying this look, I am planning on cutting my hair once my hair stylist is able to open and take me in. I'm hoping that even after I cut my hair, that I'd be able to use this tool to give me some waves. And I will give an update over on my Instagram when the time comes!

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