Mother's Day Quarantine Style

Celebrating Mother's Day in the midst of COVID-19 is definitely a whole new experience for all of us. Normally, my brother and I like to take our mom out for a nice meal but that was definitely not an option. I also didn't have money to get my mom a nice gift this time so I had to get creative. The moment I saw strawberries and the chocolate dipping kits at Ralphs, there was my answer. Affordable, delicious, beautiful and sentimental. It was the perfect idea and even more perfect was the idea of doing it with my boyfriend Patrick, and making one for his mom as well!

What you need:
- strawberries (we all know where you can get some)
- chocolate (my go to chocolate for dipping is the Dolci Frutta Hard Chocolate Shell, which I get from my local Ralphs)
- packaging (I looked around Daiso and found ribbon, heart shaped aluminum baking pans, clear vinyl gift bags, paper cups as well as baking paper)

1. wash the strawberries then dry them off with a paper towel
2. melt the chocolate following directions on packaging
3. lay out baking paper (you can alternatively use cooking foil as well)
4. dip the strawberry in the chocolate one by one and lay it on the baking paper
5. melt the drizzle chocolate packaging (this is the first time using this, but I cut the hole too big so I transferred it to a small ziplock bag and cut a smaller hole at one corner)
6. drizzle over the chocolate coat
7. let it sit!
8. start packaging however you want once the chocolate hardens

We put each strawberry in paper cups before placing it inside the aluminum baking pan, then slanted it in the pan so that I can fit as many strawberries as possible. Lastly, we placed 3 strawberries on top before tying the bag. Voila! This is a nice gift idea that can be done for any special occasion, especially if you're on a budget. Plus, it's so easy that anyone can do it! It was Patrick's first time doing this and he did a great job and we had fun putting this together. We even taste tested and it was delicious 😋 I finished off with a little calligraphy note saying "Happy Mother's Day" to hook on the ribbon and we were ready to deliver it to our mothers.
I hope everyone has a great Mother's Day and for those who are unable to visit their mothers, don't forget to call/text them to remind them that you miss them and that you love them!

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