Casual Rainy Day

I hope you guys are staying dry and warm in this rainy season.
For those of you who are not from the area, it's been raining for the past few days here in LA.
Apparently, this week marks the beginning of El Nino, which is a storm that they've been talking about for a while. And of course, Jane showed up in clothes that are fitting for the rainy weather.

And just a quick warning, you will see some funny photos in this post.
Jane was just feeling it, namsayin?!
Plaid Shirt - Rag&Bone
Sweater - Zara
Leggings - Target
Rain Boots - Hunter
The plaid shirt that she is wearing here was featured in a previous post, HELLO DECEMBER.
You can click that link to go check out how she styled it in a chic way, which is very different from the casual styling she did in this outfit.
"Your life is now. Seize it and make it amazing. Discover your passion and pursue it. Let your heart be your guide. And above all...make every moment count."

This photoshoot was done at a friend's academy that is currently being set up. Jane's boyfriend Allan, whom I've known for 8+ years now, is setting up an academy in La Crescenta with two of his friends.
We were shopping around for things they need at Ikea and whatnot, and we found some nice decor materials. The quote I wrote above is on the black canvas and we thought it was perfect for the goal and purpose of the academy.
Jane is helping out with a lot of the decor of the place because the people starting up this academy are all guys. Nothing against guys but it is true that girls tend to be more artsy and at times more sensible when it comes to things like decorations.
I will soon share with you this new place so stay tuned and congratulate Allan and his friends for starting up AIM Academy!
It's supposed to continue raining for some time so dress warm and stay cozy.
Whip up some hot tea or some hot chocolate.
Sit back and enjoy.
Grace Yourself.

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