Friday, January 23, 2015

FEATURING: Baby JohnJohn

Here comes my first baby post. Who is this cutie? This is Baby John (a.k.a. John John), who is half White, a quarter Korean and a quarter Filipino. He is a beloved nephew of my friend, Eunbi Anna Ko.
I would've loved to have been the one to take the photos of Baby John, but almost all of these photos were taken by his auntie.

(This photo above was taken by his older sister, Veronica Ruiz.)

Look at him, he's so ready with his model pose already.

I was very inspired with baby models after coming across THE LITTLE LOVELIES blog and realized how babies can be such amazing models. Although I have yet to find any other babies to fulfill my dream of featuring a bunch of fashionista babies but this is definitely a step closer. If I am still blogging by the time I have my own children, you will definitely get to see them here!

I was unable to get John John's outfit details but I guess his cuteness makes up for the lack of information. 
Oh well.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

**outfit update**

jacket - Nordstrom Rack
pants - H&M
shoes - Vans

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to photograph Joe Lee. He is one of my dongsengs I met several years ago at church, and he's been a part of my life ever since. Many of you guys may know him or know of him already, as he has been pursuing his dream of being a musician as a rapper, dancer, and a producer. I don't know too many details on his music life and goals, but I have watched him throughout the years of him performing for church related events, things like Koreatown's annual celebration called "Jangtuh," and even come out in a survival audition show: K-Pop Star Season 1. I personally would have to say that my most memorable moment for Joe while watching K-Pop Star was seeing him and his group's performance of "Friday Night" by g.o.d.
 Joe's been working on producing, mixing, writing lyrics/raps, and performing not only as Joe Lee, or "Metoo" himself, but he has also been doing some duo projects with this guy named "Nomtom." Feel free to check out Joe's instagram: CALLMETOO , along with his soundcloud: CALLMETOO .

Shirt - T Alexander Wang
Jacket - Number (N)ine
Jeans - Levis
Shoes - Comme Des Garcons x Nike
Necklace - Opening Ceremony
Bag - Blue Leaf
Sunglasses - Black Scale

For as long as I can remember, Joe was always a fashionable dude. Yes, there have been slight changes to his fashion over the years as I have witnessed myself. However, that never changed the fact that Joe enjoys standing out in his attire and not dress like everyone else. He makes the clothes fit him and not him fit the clothes. Even his casual attire that he considers the "hobo look" came off nicer than a hobo look that anyone else may pull off. I do believe that confidence is what takes part in making an outfit legit and that confidence is what we all need for ourselves.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Grace Upon Grace & Asahi

I had the privilege and the honor of attending Oriental Mission Church's Youth Winter Retreat as a part of the guest praise team in 2014. Our praise team was made up of some of our Arise English Ministry's praise team members Rachelle, Andrew and I, along with our past praise team leader Allan. We went up to a retreat site in Big Bear called Alpine Meadows on Sunday (28th) right after our service and came back home on Tuesday (30th). To keep this part short and sweet, it was great serving a bunch of youth kids from OMC and also had a great bonding time with my fellow praise team members.

Selfies are always a woman's best friend, right? Hehe

(Andrew "Awkwardturtle" Kim, Allan Kim)

(Me, and pastor Daniel "Potter" Kim)

On the second/last night, we had the time and the opportunity to do a little self-pampering. Rachelle brought some mask sheets and we decided to do it together because you know, we need to be beautified. And as you can see... Sam thought he was too cool to join us on the beauty time. What a party pooper. Haha we still love you Sam!

It started snowing about an hour before we left the retreat site and it was snowing quite a bit. We went on a picture frenzy because we don't get to see the snow very often. As you can see below, Rachelle and I were so excited to see snow. Not just snow that has fallen already but snow that was falling on us.

And of course, we can't forget a polaroid picture. Although the setting wasn't correctly put, we were more than satisfied with the polaroid picture. And I stole it from Allan...hehe so it is currently displayed on my wall at home!

We also can't forget a group selfie. Don't we look like a bunch of happy kids? Hehe I love us!

On our way back home, we stopped by Sushi Asahi in Corona.

Baked Mussels. So. Delicious. I think on the menu, it is called Green Mussels or something like that. Wow. I am like drooling as I am writing this and seeing these photos.

Eel is known to be good for men..........and their stamina. Why is it so delicious? I'm not  a man and my brother doesn't even like eel. What is wrong with him. Haha
I also undoubtedly love salmon. Salmon reminds me a lot of an unnie(older sister even if not blood related) that is currently living in the east coast named Elle. She was a salmon killer like no other and I absolutely miss her.

Rachelle said this was good so we ordered it. It is called crispy rice, and it has spicy tuna on top. Wow. This was interestingly delicious.

This one was suggested by Andrew and he absolutely loved it. I would probably prefer regular tuna but this white tuna sushi was actually good. The texture of the white tuna was more slimy and it was softer than the regular tuna when chewed on. 

The quail egg shots were more than strongly suggested by our not so dearest Allan Kim. It consisted of soy sauce, raw quail egg, sesame oil and I think it had Korean style pepper flakes but I'm not a hundred percent sure about that last part. It sounded so disgusting but I guess it was manageable. It was definitely an interesting experience. I probably would've hit Allan if it was actually really nasty. But overall, I think I ended 2014 on a great note with great memories -- great people and great food. 

I hope you guys had a great 2014 and I hope 2015 will be even greater for both you and me!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Looking Back to Christmas

Every Christmas morning, I go to church for the annual Christmas service. And of course, I pick out a nice outfit to dress myself in for this day every year. For this past Christmas, I wore a blouse that my mom bought me a while back that I never got to wear because of the warm weather.  It wasn't intended at all for my outfit to turn out mostly black, but what can I say. I guess warm weather kind of calls for the black outfits to come out of my closet.

Although I didn't get to do a photoshoot for Grace Yourself, I got to take a few pictures with some of my dongsengs (younger siblings even if not blood related).

Please, excuse my bloated face. I ate with a few of my friends the night before at 2 in the morning so my face was super bloated. I don't know if you can tell by my pictures but I don't think I've ever seen my face as bloated as this past Christmas morning. And because these photos weren't taken with the intention of actually being on my blog, I didn't mind the wind much. As you can see, the wind has kind of made my clothes look funny here and there but please excuse the wind. :)

So in these pictures, you can kind of see what I wore. This new blouse is one of those that look like you're wearing two separate articles of clothing but it's actually one. I paired this top with my go to black pants from H&M. I actually debated for an entire night whether to wear black booties or black heels with this outfit, but ended up going for the heels because of several reasons. For the windy weather, the booties would've suited better. However, because the entire outfit was covering me pretty much from top to bottom, I thought that wearing booties might make me look ridiculously stuffed up. Although my feet were in pain after a while, I enjoyed my choice of shoes in the end.

[Group picture with the good looking dongsengs, Sungho Hong and Justin Kim!]

These are two of my students from the past. To the left is Matthew Han, and to the right is Brandon Kim. Matthew moved away to Missouri almost a year ago but he came to visit LA! I saw him on Christmas and wow... he grew in height, and his skin became even whiter than he used to be. It was really good to see him again though!

Photocreds: Il Han Daniel Lee

After the Christmas service, I went to eat with some dongsengs -- Il Han Daniel Lee(my blood brother), Sungho Hong and Chelsea Lim. We went to eat School Food and ordered a combination roll (above) and spicy rice cake with Korean style sausage (below). 

I am a huge fan of spicy rice cake. However, I would have to say that School Food's spicy rice cake is way too spicy. I don't get how others can eat it without their tongues firing up. I also really love the Korean style sausage, even though there are quite a bit of people out there that actually don't like it or can't eat it. In the old days, it used to be made out of an animal's intestine and used to have real animal's blood in it. However, they aren't made like that anymore. I'm not sure what they use for the outer layer but the inside is filled with clear noodles which get steamed. It's so delicious!

After we parted ways to spend time with family respectively, I ended up making homemade dumplings with my mother. My brother helped a little bit by squeezing all the juice out of the kimchi but refused to help us actually mold and make the dumplings.

In the middle of making the dumplings, all three of us got really hungry. We decided to cook some so we can eat before going back to finishing up the dumplings. We made it but I would have to say it was pretty good. Look at the visuals!

My house is old fashioned so we don't really have a heater that runs throughout the house. Our feet and hands were freezing as we were making the dumplings in the kitchen. After we finished with the dumplings, we climbed into bed where my electrical blanket was heated and thawed our cold hands and feet along with our entire body. Overall, it was a thoughtful Christmas spent with my loved ones.

 And just a question: many people tell me that I look just like my mom. Do you think so too?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Blue for All: JK&SH

Let's start the new year fresh, with some amazing people that are still so fresh.
Do you remember Julie and Sungho? :)

They aren't new faces on my blog but they are still young and fresh.
Julie has been featured in White N Jeans, and Sungho has been featured in FEATURING: Sungho Hong & Sophie Chung in the past. They are back once again, with another cute outfit.

Julie wore a light wash destroyed denim (Pacsun) with a light blue button up shirt (H&M). This was from about 2 weeks ago, right before it started getting really chilly even in LA so the thin clothes were acceptable along with the open-toed shoes.

I would have to say that I absolutely loved her hair, the curls were beautiful. I haven't curled my hair in a year or so, and seeing her hair being in nice curls made me jealous and regretful that I have been so lazy with my hair.

The way her jeans were distressed was really pretty. It was distressed, but it wasn't to the extent that skin was showing through the distressed parts of the pants. I really loved how the upper parts of the pants had bigger distressed areas than the lower parts and how the distressed parts went along with the washed out parts of the pants.

Along with this blue toned outfit, Julie picked out a pair of very simple black sandals(Aldo) to go with her outfit. And although she wasn't carrying it in these photos, she carried a black purse to go with the blue and black outfit. Because Julie is skinny and long, she looked good in light wash jeans that weren't skin tight. Even folding the jeans at the bottom didn't look bad at all because of her height. Her long legs definitely made her sandals look good even though there were straps around the ankles. It's so unfair that she has thin and long legs... I wish I had them too.

Here's Sungho, or Thomas, as he likes to introduce himself as nowadays.

Isn't he so handsome? I love Sungho as if he was my own little brother. I love the way he dresses too. Simple yet classy, simple yet fashionable.

He put on a lambs wool sweater(GAP) on top of modern oxford button-up shirt(GAP). Sweater on top of a button-up shirt has been a fashion trend in both men and women lately and I think that it's perfect for the colder weather. I also would have to say that rolled up sleeves suit him very well and it was very nicely rolled up. Along with this white and blue match on top, Sungho put on a skinny chino pants(Cotton On) in the color navy blue. To match his button-up shirt underneath his sweater, he rocked it with a clean pair of white converse. And of course, his watch. His outfit pretty much consisted of 2 major colors: navy blue and white. I used to have a not so great of an impression for these two colors being worn together because my middle school's uniform colors were navy blue and white. However, seeing the colors being worn in a fashionable way in fashionable pieces of clothing makes these colors even better.

Just a shoutout for my beloved brother Sungho, he just turned 19 on the 30th of December. One hell of a late birthday and he's one of the last 1995s to turn 19 but he finally reached the age of 19! Happy (belated) birthday, Sungho! <3

And to bring this to a close, Happy New Year everyone! I hope Grace Yourself continues to bring joy and pleasure in the eyes of the readers and I hope everyone has a great 2015.
God bless you all!