FEATURING: Baby JohnJohn

Here comes my first baby post. Who is this cutie? This is Baby John (a.k.a. John John), who is half White, a quarter Korean and a quarter Filipino. He is a beloved nephew of my friend, Eunbi Anna Ko.
I would've loved to have been the one to take the photos of Baby John, but almost all of these photos were taken by his auntie.

(This photo above was taken by his older sister, Veronica Ruiz.)

Look at him, he's so ready with his model pose already.

I was very inspired with baby models after coming across THE LITTLE LOVELIES blog and realized how babies can be such amazing models. Although I have yet to find any other babies to fulfill my dream of featuring a bunch of fashionista babies but this is definitely a step closer. If I am still blogging by the time I have my own children, you will definitely get to see them here!

I was unable to get John John's outfit details but I guess his cuteness makes up for the lack of information. 
Oh well.

Have a great Friday, everyone!

**outfit update**

jacket - Nordstrom Rack
pants - H&M
shoes - Vans

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