Blue for All: JK&SH

Let's start the new year fresh, with some amazing people that are still so fresh.
Do you remember Julie and Sungho? :)

They aren't new faces on my blog but they are still young and fresh.
Julie has been featured in White N Jeans, and Sungho has been featured in FEATURING: Sungho Hong & Sophie Chung in the past. They are back once again, with another cute outfit.

Julie wore a light wash destroyed denim (Pacsun) with a light blue button up shirt (H&M). This was from about 2 weeks ago, right before it started getting really chilly even in LA so the thin clothes were acceptable along with the open-toed shoes.

I would have to say that I absolutely loved her hair, the curls were beautiful. I haven't curled my hair in a year or so, and seeing her hair being in nice curls made me jealous and regretful that I have been so lazy with my hair.

The way her jeans were distressed was really pretty. It was distressed, but it wasn't to the extent that skin was showing through the distressed parts of the pants. I really loved how the upper parts of the pants had bigger distressed areas than the lower parts and how the distressed parts went along with the washed out parts of the pants.

Along with this blue toned outfit, Julie picked out a pair of very simple black sandals(Aldo) to go with her outfit. And although she wasn't carrying it in these photos, she carried a black purse to go with the blue and black outfit. Because Julie is skinny and long, she looked good in light wash jeans that weren't skin tight. Even folding the jeans at the bottom didn't look bad at all because of her height. Her long legs definitely made her sandals look good even though there were straps around the ankles. It's so unfair that she has thin and long legs... I wish I had them too.

Here's Sungho, or Thomas, as he likes to introduce himself as nowadays.

Isn't he so handsome? I love Sungho as if he was my own little brother. I love the way he dresses too. Simple yet classy, simple yet fashionable.

He put on a lambs wool sweater(GAP) on top of modern oxford button-up shirt(GAP). Sweater on top of a button-up shirt has been a fashion trend in both men and women lately and I think that it's perfect for the colder weather. I also would have to say that rolled up sleeves suit him very well and it was very nicely rolled up. Along with this white and blue match on top, Sungho put on a skinny chino pants(Cotton On) in the color navy blue. To match his button-up shirt underneath his sweater, he rocked it with a clean pair of white converse. And of course, his watch. His outfit pretty much consisted of 2 major colors: navy blue and white. I used to have a not so great of an impression for these two colors being worn together because my middle school's uniform colors were navy blue and white. However, seeing the colors being worn in a fashionable way in fashionable pieces of clothing makes these colors even better.

Just a shoutout for my beloved brother Sungho, he just turned 19 on the 30th of December. One hell of a late birthday and he's one of the last 1995s to turn 19 but he finally reached the age of 19! Happy (belated) birthday, Sungho! <3

And to bring this to a close, Happy New Year everyone! I hope Grace Yourself continues to bring joy and pleasure in the eyes of the readers and I hope everyone has a great 2015.
God bless you all!

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