Summer Love is in the Air

Life has been chill yet hectic as a post-grad. I've been kind of MIA on my blog because I needed some time to recover from years of studying (or did I really study... HAHA) and not getting enough sleep from having to commute to school early in the morning for the past 6 years on top of other personal responsibilities.
I went over to a friend's place on Memorial Day to have a fun BBQ + pool party, and we got together to spend some time in each others' company and you know, quality time with bomb food and all that is always good.
It's been a while since I've actually showed some skin (haha like wearing dresses or skirts and whatnot) but I decided to wear this simple yet super cute dress from Forever 21 so that I can at least dip my feet or legs in the pool without much struggle.
I've also briefly mentioned my current dieting lifestyle, and it's been quite a successful journey for the past three months. I am officially down by 16 pounds! I am starting to slowly gain a bit more self-confidence, and feeling more and more motivated whenever I see the improvement with my own eyes. For any of those who are currently dieting out there... you can do it! We can do it. :)
I probably should have worked on my graduation post before this but too late now...I got too excited to post these amazing photos. Hehe.
But no worries, I'll be uploading photos from my graduation in my next post!
And also a major shoutout to Becky for taking some really nice photos the way I wanted them.
I love, love, love all of these shots.
Dress - Forever 21(
Flannel - Tobi (
Shoes - Nordstrom (
Hat - AliExpress (
Sunnies - Gentle Monster (
I've also been really enjoying my all natural black hair. I still have little bits of brown dye left over at the tips but you can barely see them. It's been about a decade or so since I last had my hair all natural in color, and I am quite proud of myself for resisting all those temptations of wanting to re-dye my hair for the sake of wanting to skip the awkward growing out phase.
I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend and stay tuned for my next blog post.
Happy Hump Day!

Grace Yourself.

Cute Frills

This week is finals week for me and I have been dying to get this semester over with already.
I FINALLY graduate from undergrad studies this Sunday and you have no idea how excited I am to finally leave college after 6 years. And with that said, I have also been on a diet since mid-February and I have dropped by 12 pounds. And yes, it may not be easy to tell in these blog photos or even in real life just yet, I have set firm goals to lose weight and be healthy this year. 
What a year full of excitement!
Shirt - Target (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Chinese Laundry (
Purse - Rebecca Minkoff (
Watch - Michael Kors (
My mom bought me this shirt from Target (yes, I know. Target.) and it's actually super cute.
I love how the material of the shirt is so thin that it's perfect for the Summer heat, and the frilly sleeves makes me less anxious about my thick arms. Not only that, it airs out my armpits which is even more perfect for the Summer heat.
I picked up these tan sandal heels a while ago and I've been really loving it.
The way it straps your feet in make it easier for me to confidently wear them all day and the comfort level is actually pretty high considering the height of the heels because of the platform in the front.
They are tan colored which is pretty versatile with different colors and styles of clothing and I have to say that I've been loving my recent adds to the shoe closet including this one.
This month in general is a pretty crazy one with Mother's Day, finals, graduation, Grace Yourself anniversary, and some other personal important dates, but here's a short and sweet post on an outfit I absolutely loved wearing to church.

The next time I post on here I will be a college graduate.
So until then, 
Grace Yourself.

Open Sleeves

Many of you guys are either in midterm season or finals season, so here's a post to help you take a breather from all the studying and stress in your lives.
You've been seeing her more and more here on Grace Yourself, and I think you know why.
I absolutely love the uniqueness of her shirt, and I absolutely love the way those jeans look on her.
She looks good!
Shirt - Zara (
Jeans - Madewell (
Shoes - Adrienne Vittadini (
Clutch - Tory Burch (
I love the sleeve detail of her top, it is definitely a unique one.
I love how it shows skin without making it seem like it's too much but really adds a point by having actual sleeves and a ribbon to tie in the middle to give a more feminine look.
She's been kind of obsessed with wearing a choker with all of her outfits, and I'm jealous because I don't look very good in a choker so I end up never wearing one even though I want to.
I know that this is not the first time her choker has been featured here on my blog, but I really do like how it's a lace material rather than a faux leather or faux suede. It's more of a feminine feel rather than an edgy or chic feel. 
And of course, you can't miss out on some funny pictures from behind the scenes.
I have found some new talent that I would love to feature as a model here on Grace Yourself, and here are a few previews. (;
I hope that was a nice way to take a breather and a small break from studying and just life in general. For all of you who are in testing season, good luck!
I'm also about to enter finals season so I'll be quite stressed for a while but we're almost done, so let's end with a bang.(:

Grace Yourself.
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