Summer Love is in the Air

Life has been chill yet hectic as a post-grad. I've been kind of MIA on my blog because I needed some time to recover from years of studying (or did I really study... HAHA) and not getting enough sleep from having to commute to school early in the morning for the past 6 years on top of other personal responsibilities.
I went over to a friend's place on Memorial Day to have a fun BBQ + pool party, and we got together to spend some time in each others' company and you know, quality time with bomb food and all that is always good.
It's been a while since I've actually showed some skin (haha like wearing dresses or skirts and whatnot) but I decided to wear this simple yet super cute dress from Forever 21 so that I can at least dip my feet or legs in the pool without much struggle.
I've also briefly mentioned my current dieting lifestyle, and it's been quite a successful journey for the past three months. I am officially down by 16 pounds! I am starting to slowly gain a bit more self-confidence, and feeling more and more motivated whenever I see the improvement with my own eyes. For any of those who are currently dieting out there... you can do it! We can do it. :)
I probably should have worked on my graduation post before this but too late now...I got too excited to post these amazing photos. Hehe.
But no worries, I'll be uploading photos from my graduation in my next post!
And also a major shoutout to Becky for taking some really nice photos the way I wanted them.
I love, love, love all of these shots.
Dress - Forever 21(
Flannel - Tobi (
Shoes - Nordstrom (
Hat - AliExpress (
Sunnies - Gentle Monster (
I've also been really enjoying my all natural black hair. I still have little bits of brown dye left over at the tips but you can barely see them. It's been about a decade or so since I last had my hair all natural in color, and I am quite proud of myself for resisting all those temptations of wanting to re-dye my hair for the sake of wanting to skip the awkward growing out phase.
I hope you all had an amazing Memorial Day weekend and stay tuned for my next blog post.
Happy Hump Day!

Grace Yourself.

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