Spring Casual

The weather in LA has been pretty nice, especially on the weekends.
And thanks to some of my friends, I discovered this cute park a couple of weekends ago.
It's only 10 minutes away from my house!
The weather was really nice and we had a little picnic.
I was really enjoying my outfit of the day and was able to score some photos, thanks to Hannah! :)
I love this cardigan with a little rainbow patch on the chest.
It's super comfortable, and is easy to pair with whatever. I love that it covers the arms but is light weight and perfect for spring.
I've been really enjoying the denim on denim look lately, and I've been in love with the distressed light wash jeans and the jean jacket I recently bought. I had a hard time wearing light washed denim let alone even just blue jeans for a long time, so it took a lot of courage to even buy one. And oh my goodness, I love it.
MOMENT OF TRUTH: With my new work, keeping up with the blog has been more difficult than I anticipated.
I used to post about once a week but I don't think it's realistic for me to be able to update that frequently anymore. I'm going to aim for about 2 posts per month, but I will be updating my instagram handle more regularly so make sure to come by!
Cardigan - Forever 21 (www.forever21.com)
Jacket - Forever 21
Jeans - Forever 21
Shoes - Joe's Jeans (www.joesjeans.com)
Sunnies - Gentle Monster (www.gentlemonster.com)

Grace Yourself.
PC: Hannah Paek

Trench Coat Lovin'

I've recently been in love with high-waisted bottoms and crop tops. I used to be scared of wearing them because I never thought they would look good on me. High-waisted bottoms have a tendency of making your butt look bigger, and I always preferred to cover my butt with a longer shirt.
Thanks to my weight-loss and the healthier lifestyle, I've been gaining more confidence to wear different styles of clothing and outfits. I would have never thought I can pull them off. I also couldn't fit into a lot of the clothes that I started fitting into, including this trench coat.
I love the draping of this coat. This is a classic trench coat design that is great for the spring time when it's still a little cold. It finishes your look with a sophisticated touch, regardless of whether you dress it up or down.
I couldn't balance in the middle of the shoot, but these came out kind of cute so I wanted to include them. Hehe.
There's been a lot going on in my life in the past month including transitioning into a brand new job. Updating the blog page came a lot later than I had wanted, but it's here. And it'll continue to come. So keep up with me on my Instagram handle for blog and non-blog related things. :)
Shirt - Zara (www.zara.com)
Pants - Zara (www.zara.com)
Coat - Banana Republic (www.bananarepublic.com)
Shoes - L.A.M.B. (www.nordstrom.com)

Grace Yourself.
PC: Christine Seol @seolovely
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