Trench Coat Lovin'

I've recently been in love with high-waisted bottoms and crop tops. I used to be scared of wearing them because I never thought they would look good on me. High-waisted bottoms have a tendency of making your butt look bigger, and I always preferred to cover my butt with a longer shirt.
Thanks to my weight-loss and the healthier lifestyle, I've been gaining more confidence to wear different styles of clothing and outfits. I would have never thought I can pull them off. I also couldn't fit into a lot of the clothes that I started fitting into, including this trench coat.
I love the draping of this coat. This is a classic trench coat design that is great for the spring time when it's still a little cold. It finishes your look with a sophisticated touch, regardless of whether you dress it up or down.
I couldn't balance in the middle of the shoot, but these came out kind of cute so I wanted to include them. Hehe.
There's been a lot going on in my life in the past month including transitioning into a brand new job. Updating the blog page came a lot later than I had wanted, but it's here. And it'll continue to come. So keep up with me on my Instagram handle for blog and non-blog related things. :)
Shirt - Zara (
Pants - Zara (
Coat - Banana Republic (
Shoes - L.A.M.B. (

Grace Yourself.
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