Spring Break in Santa Barbara

Spring break flew by with work, physically resting up, and lots of church activity due to it having been Passion Week. In the midst of all our different schedules, two of my closest unnies(older sister figures) and I were able to find a day to bond and do something fun with each other. 
Our original plan was to go on a whale watching cruise in Santa Barbara.
We were even able to get a cheaper deal through Groupon.
However, we left LA a little too late to make it in time for the cruise. Or can we just say that there was a lot more traffic than we thought with multiple "slow-downs" on the freeway.
We were contemplating on whether to turn back around and find something to do in LA, but I thought might as well just go to SB since we were on route anyway and check out the beach and grab food.
So that's what we did.
We went to the East Beach (there were many beaches with interesting names but we just chose this one) and strolled around, took lots of pictures and snapchats.
In fact, pretty much all of the photos taken during this trip are the ones we took at this beach.
If you've been to the beaches here in LA, you know that even the sand itself is not very fine nor clean.
The sand here was very fine in texture, not harsh on the feet, no tar hidden inside the sand sticking to our feet, and just clean and beautiful. (Do I sound pretty bitter about the LA beaches? HAHA)
Malibu is definitely beautiful but the local beaches like Santa Monica Beach or Venice Beach aren't as clean as I would like a beach to be.
Just a quick #outfitoftheday moment here.

Shirt - Uniqlo
Pants - Zara (DIY distressed jeans)
Shoes - Steve Madden
Bag - random Korean store
Sunglasses - Michael Kors
HEWJ is a name that we came up with for this particular group of girls, with the initials of our first names.
H - Hannah
E - Eunbi
W - Wonji (ME!)
J - Jihee

Eunbi couldn't be a part of this trip because she recently moved away to Florida and she was actually in Korea during our Spring break. But we will never forget her and she will always be with us and our activities in spirit.
I'm sure you can tell, but we had a blast taking these photos.
Jihee somehow came up with the idea of using the timer on our phones to take pictures of us.
We tried to get creative and took a bunch of jumping photos and some intimate looking photos and they turned out great as you can see.

People often say that I take too many pictures (even from before I started blogging) but it is true to say that in the end, pictures are what captures the moments of life and they are what lasts.
After we grow older, we can remember these memories with loved ones through the photos that were taken and that is why I love taking pictures. I know that we will definitely be looking back at this after we become moms and eventually grandmas to tell our children and grandchildren of all the fun and memorable things we did when we were still young.
I soon got hungry and we went on yelp, searching for some places in the area that we can check out.
We ended up at a place super close to the beach called East Beach Tacos.
The yelp page labeled this place as a Mexican, American and Korean fusion and had good reviews so we decided to check this place out for some tacos and afternoon beers for the unnies.

This is the photo I posted up on my Instagram page (@graceyourself__ ) and it was as delicious as it looks. The tater tots were surprisingly very crispy and delicious as well, which made us happy.
I will skip on the different tacos we had because to be honest, I don't remember what all of them were called. They all looked good, and most of them tasted good.
A friend of mine who graduated from UCSB recommended this ice cream place called Mc Connell's Fine Ice Creams. I have never heard of this place but apparently, they are in the top 25 or something like that for ice cream in the US.
I had some toffee/caramel flavor and chocolate covered strawberries flavor and they were both good!
The chocolate covered strawberries flavor reminded me of my favorite item at 21 Choices in Pasadena (I forgot the name of it) because that was pretty much vanilla ice cream with strawberries and chocolate. If you've never tried Mc Connell's and you're nearby one, I suggest you go try some of their ice cream.
This trip didn't turn out to be one that followed our original agenda, but all three of us had fun.
Something we always say to each other is that no matter where we go and what we do, we always end up having a lot of fun because it's us. I am so thankful for God to allow us the time to go on a trip like this for Spring break, and so thankful that I have friends that I can truly call friends and sisters.
We miss Eunbi very much and we really wished the whole time that it would've been better if Eunbi was with us, but life happens and we have to go through it to the best of our abilities. We hope to be reunited with Eunbi some time in the future and enjoy trips together.
#missingEunbiAnnaKo #HEWJ

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