Hello Again, Jeans

With the whole weight loss, healthy and fit lifestyle that I've been working on since back in February, I have now come to a point in my journey where I can tolerate myself wearing blue jeans.
For as long as I can remember, I have just worn black pants, always purchasing the same or similar ones from Zara because they were just the most comfortable for me without it looking terrible.
I've been longing to rock some blue jeans or other types of pants and I am starting to see some progress with that.
Just last week I ended up buying myself a new pair of blue jeans, which is crazy because I used to never even look at blue jeans with the thought that there is no way I will fit into them the way I want to, and I don't want to even try them on and be disappointed.
And that's not to say that I am 100% happy with the look of these blue jeans on me but I can definitely see the progress from the work I've put in for the past 6-7 months, having lost about 23 pounds and feeling healthier than ever with consistent exercise.
Shirt - Zara (www.zara.com)
Jeans - Hollister (www.hollisterco.com)
Belt - Louis Vuitton (www.louisvuitton.com)
Shoes - Adidas (www.adidas.com)
Bag - Goyard (www.goyard.com)
Watch - Apple (www.apple.com)
Hairdo - Nume Curling Wand (www.numeusa.com)
These jeans are a size smaller than the black ones I've been wearing for the past like forever, which in itself is a progress. My waist and hips are ready for another size down but unfortunately, my thighs are not ready for another size down. It's a constant battle but I am so thankful to those around me that really help motivate me to keep going strong in this journey and I can't wait to update you all again.
This has turned into something a little more about my weight loss and fitness journey more so than a fashion blog post, but I hope you enjoyed this casual look with my new jeans. 
Can you tell how happy I am?
Hard work really does pay off.(:

Grace Yourself.

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