Pink White Gradation

This is my face after trying Gresescent Ice Cream in Downtown Los Angeles for the first time.
My friends have always talked about it and I have seen pictures all over Instagram and I finally went and tried it myself. I cannot remember the exact names of the flavors I had but one scoop was some sort of coffee flavor with caramel and the other scoop was a vanilla bean cookies n cream flavor.
I actually think that it's the best cookies n cream flavor I have ever tried.
I love vanilla based ice cream flavors in general and maybe it was the mixture of vanilla bean with the oreo instead of just regular vanilla but it was delicious.
I would definitely recommend it.
It was a nice place to end up at after having some delicious fried chicken.
Sunday funday with these ladies~
I just loved how all three of us were wearing black shoes but with such different styles.
It was definitely worth a shot.
Moving onto my outfit of the day, I paired up my new black pants with my favorite low sandal heels and a bright pink and white gradation shirt with blotches of white that looks as if you splashed some bleach on it.
I love that this shirt is so casual, comfortable, but a color that pops.
It was perfect with the nice white marbled walls as well, because the shirt really stood out.
I finished the whole look with a white clutch that I've been in love with.
It's the perfect size and it's easy to just carry it out whenever and with almost any kind of outfit.
And just a funny side note... my friend thinks it looks like a FedEx envelop.
Is that what clutches look like to guys? Haha
Shirt - Hollister (
Pants - Hollister (
Shoes - Steve Madden (
Clutch - Goyard (
Watch - Apple (
I am super excited for the cooler season coming up, and for all the Fall looks I can bring to the blog.
I hope you guys are as excited as I am!

Grace Yourself.

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