Oversized Sweater and Prada : Jane Kim

It was quite a beautiful Sunday for Jane, who came to church with beautiful hair.
As nice and curled up her hair was, it was a little surprising to find her wearing quite some casual and comfortable looking clothes.

She rocked her casual/comfortable outfit in a pair of black jeans from J. Crew paired up with a neutral oversized knit sweater on top from H&M.

It was more than enjoyable going over these photos after the photoshoot because most of the photos came out really funny-looking in a cute way.

And as you can see, she layered a little with a dark gray tank top underneath the sweater to avoid showing skin.

She wore Prada sneakers in the color navy and white that she received from her aunt. Because it's a dark color, it looks black in some of the photos but they are actually navy blue.

I hope you had a good "hump day" and finish up the rest of the week strong and with lots of laughter like Jane here :)

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