Ribbon It Up

It is ever so slowly transitioning into the colder weather, although there was a spike in the temperature this week. 
I'm finally able to wear long sleeve shirts, hoodies, crewnecks and even knits which is super exciting.
This particular crewneck sweater top I'm wearing is a new obsession.
It's like a combination of super comfortable and super casual, but with a detail on the wrists that make this top not so ordinary and a little pop of a feminine touch.
I love that it's unique but not just unique. It's cute.
And the color? Don't even get me started. It's that dusty, rosey pink. Love, love, love!
By the way, please excuse the hair situation going on. I was having a pretty bad hair day. The winds were really making it difficult for my stray hairs to stay put and not fly everywhere.
Every time I wash my hair, a ton of hair falls out. Even when I'm just going about my day, a ton of hair falls out. It's to the point I'm almost scared that I may actually be dealing with hair loss... let's hope that's not what it is. But because my hair falls out so much, there are also a ton of hair trying to grow back. Those are the bunch of stray hairs that really like to stick out and make me look funny. It seems like there isn't much I can do but just be patient and accept that my hair will be like this for some time.
It's also been a long time since I last brought out these booties that I wore literally all the time last year and the year before. They're super comfortable and can be dressed up or down. I have definitely paired them up with different types of outfits for multiple different occasions in the past and I'm excited to be able to wear them again this Fall/Winter season, and probably into the Spring season as well. They give me the height boost that I need, and they're super comfortable on the feet. They're super versatile and easy to rock with a lot of outfits.
Top - Target (www.target.com)
Pants - Hollister (www.hollisterco.com)
Shoes - BP from Nordstrom (www.nordstrom.com)
Bag - Fjallraven Kanken (www.fjallraven.us)
I don't know if you noticed something about this post, but it's my first time featuring a pair of pants that are not black or dark blue. I've been updating you on my journey here and there, and here's another quick update. These are my first pair of pants that are not the usual black, nor the blue jeans I've been wearing more frequently. On top of that, they are actually the smallest sized pants I have bought in years. I will have a more detailed update some time later in the future, but it's 2/3 whole sizes smaller than what I wore when I first began this journey. It definitely is a marker of my progress and a prized pair of pants that I will love until I can no longer fit into them anymore.
Lastly, my choice of bag with this outfit just had to be the cute little backpack that I own.
Not only was it perfect to pair with this semi casual outfit, it created a balance in the color coordination with the shoes. And sometimes, there are those days when you just don't want to worry too much about what you're lugging around. These are perfect for those days. They fit all your necessities from wallet, keys, make up and even my water bottle, which I try to carry with me everywhere to stay hydrated. 
These guys really wanted to get in on my photoshoot.
Like always.
Yes, model that Fiji water. HAHA I have some funny friends :)
I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving Day with loved ones and Happy Black Friday!
Until next time,

Grace Yourself.

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