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It's been a while since Sarah has been on Grace Yourself, and she's back with a chic office style look.
This is an outfit that you can easily wear as an office attire with a pop of edginess to it but also an outfit you can rock to church like Sarah did, or for events such as conferences or whatnot that may require a formal-ish look, or even when you have a girls' night out at a classy bar in town.
It's a look that can be rocked even when you just feel like looking chic and nice and just put together.
Instead of a blazer or a suit jacket to go with the slacks, Sarah chose to pair it with a leather jacket.
Leather jackets are hard to pull off in my opinion, although it's an item that can be easily dressed up or down. I love that her jacket is at the perfect length. I also love the zipper and metal hardware on the jacket, down even to the size of the zipper detail.
It's just the perfect style of leather jacket that I would want for myself, if it wasn't the price tag on this particular jacket.
Shirt - Zara (
Jacket - All Saints (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Aldo (
Bag - A-Land (
I am a huge sucker for pointy-toed heels. I am naturally so drawn to that style that even in my own shoe closet, I have quite a number of heels that are pointy-toed. Even when I'm out and about shopping, I definitely feel a lot more drawn to pointy-toed shoes whether they are heels, flats, or even boots. I love the way they make my feet look and I absolutely love how it's a fierce but feminine kind of a feel. Totally my style.
Sarah started dancing in the middle of the photoshoot saying that she feels awkward and all, and then she got super shy all of a sudden. Hehe, she's so cute. A lot of my friends are cute, what can I say. ;)
Her clutch was the perfect little bag to carry with this chic outfit. It was a black faux leather clutch she picked up in Korea and the leather was a textured type of a material.
Because it was black, it went really well with the entirety of her outfit and really added to the chicness versus if she was to carry a purse or a different type of bag.
The size of the clutch is perfect to hold just the must haves such as wallet, phone, keys, and I loved the design of it with the flap and a little cut-out detail in the front.
Hope you all are having a wonderful last day of November, feeling ready and excited for December.
As always, I am excited to bring you more content as well as features of my lovely friends.
With the abrupt weather changes throughout the day, make sure to keep yourself from getting sick!
Until next time,

Grace Yourself.

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