High-Waisted Pants & Pinstripe Puff

Fall is almost over and it's supposed to be Winter very soon but the weather here in LA is still kind of odd. I had hoped that everyday I can leave the house wearing knits and sweaters but that has not been the case, especially during the daytime.
I actually don't like the hot nor the cold, but the reason I complain about this weather is because I don't like how I have to lug around extra layers of clothing on those days I'm out and about all day long because the early morning and late night temperatures are super cold compared to the daytime temperatures. It's literally one of the best ways for me to end up getting sick as well... so that sucks.
These pants are officially my first pair of high-waisted pants, and I am in love.
My love for them and the ability to wear them and rock them definitely has to do with the me losing some weight and gaining some confidence, along with the fact that I am just a bit more comfortable with my own body from knowing that I am a work in progress with goals that will be reached.
High-waisted pants have been popular for a while now, but I was unable to attempt wearing them because they do have a tendency to make your butt look longer/bigger, and I already had a big enough glute and huge thighs that I really did not like. And I am in no way anywhere close to where I want to be in terms of how my body is shaped, but I am seeing myself progressing through my journey and I know that I will definitely get there with continuous effort.
To kind of bring it back to the fashion part of this talk, it has become a little easier for me to actually wear crop tops and just shirts that are slightly short without exposing my belly as well, thanks to these pants.
You are probably thinking, dang this girl looks like a sport referee. That is literally what everyone said to me when I wore this. And yes, it's a unique shirt, with different materials for the body and for the sleeves, with unique floral designs on the sleeves. I like this top because 1) it's unique but not ugly, 2) my mom picked it out for me, and 3) its baggy sleeves give my arms a good amount of space to breathe. I do have a few unique items like this in my closet, and what can I say? I just like them.
I decided on a full on black and white outfit and slipped on a pair of black pointy stiletto heels that I actually don't wear very often. I've had these shoes for quite a number of years now, and I feel like I only wear them about once or twice a year if not less. It was almost an impulse purchase I made years ago, not taking into consideration the pain that my feet will go through because it was such a bold yet feminine pair of heels that is all black which is a classic pair of heels to have as a girl. Not only that, I was at an age where I thought I was so grown up (obviously was not because I was some years younger than I am now and I still have a long way to go haha) and so ready for a pair like this.
It definitely has the height boost that I need as a girl that is only 5 feet tall, but I will most likely look for a new pair of black pointy heels to add to my closet and maybe even say goodbye to these once I find the right ones.
If you're looking to purchase heels, just make sure they are comfortable enough for you so that you can actually wear them.
Shirt - Zara (www.zara.com)
Pants - Zara (www.zara.com)
Shoes - Guess (www.guess.com)
Fun fact: the slits on these pants are actually supposed to be right where the knees are but for me, they land right below my knees. #shortpeopleproblems
I am just glad they are right under the knees rather than in the middle of my calves, and who knows. Maybe one day I will be able to find a pair where the cuts will actually land where they are supposed to land.
I find so much joy in wearing clothes and rocking them, just like my friend here.
Even though she no longer runs a blog page, go check her out on Instagram: @christineee127 and stay tuned for her new fashion vlogs coming soon.
Until next time,

Grace Yourself.

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