Pinstripe Trousers

It's almost unreal how the weather here in LA keeps going back and forth from being cold to being warm, cold and warm again... a little too frequent for this season. But at the same time, it's LA. Why am I even surprised? 
Here's Christine, rocking a pair of lightweight pinstripe trousers from Korea paired with a simple white tee. This is only possible because it's warm enough to wear lightweight clothes like this on certain days. Once again, it's LA. What do we expect.
I love that the color palette of the outfit is simply just black and white. 
The color scheme is super simple and basic yet the style of the pants really give this look character.
These types of trousers are not the kind of pants that can be pulled off by just anyone and everyone.
Because of the fact that these are high-waisted trousers and that the pinstripes are vertical and not horizontal, it can easily make your legs look elongated. Pair it up with a fitted top to show off the high-waisted style and slip on a pair of high heels to give you that height boost. You can definitely look taller than you are, and give the imagery of your legs being really long.
The material of these pants are chiffon, but they are thick enough of a chiffon material that is not see through. You don't want these to be heavy chiffon because heavier clothes tend to make your body feel more tired after some hours of wearing it, but you definitely want to make sure that it's not see through and that it'll hide what needs to be hidden properly. And because the shape and the flow of the pants are not a tight fit, the chiffon being too thick will not give a pretty shape to the body and the look as a whole so that's definitely something you should check for when you are styling or purchasing these kind of pants.
With these pants being super comfortable to wear while being fashionable, it's definitely a plus that these have an elastic waistband, with a drawstring detail to tie a ribbon in the middle.
The ribbon definitely makes the pants less boring, and the elastic waistband makes it easier for the pants to fit. 
Plus, if it's a day where you have plans to eat quite a bit, that elastic waistband will save you some trouble. ;)
Shirt - Forever 21 (
Pants - Korea
Shoes - Call It Spring (
Silly photos are always a must feature on Grace Yourself, right?
Haha cuties<3
*Christine's highlight is ON FLEEK. Can you agree or what.
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Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week!

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