Oversized Denim Jacket

Here's a new face, a new model being featured on Grace Yourself.
I've been trying to get her on here for quite some time now, but she always refused.
She is finally here and guess what? 
She is none other than the little sister of Grace Yourself's beloved model Jane, and her name is Pauline.
Hoodie - Brandy Melville (www.brandymelvilleusa.com)
Jacket - Wrangler Jeans (www.wrangler.com)
Pants - Top Shop (www.us.topshop.com)
Shoes - Adidas (www.adidas.com)
Maybe it's because the older females in her family are such stylish people, but she definitely is well dressed for a junior high student. Not only that, she has the height that her sister doesn't have.
It's definitely easier to look good in different outfits if you have long and thin legs, so you know.
She is just blessed.
I absolutely loved the way she layered, with the light pink cropped hoodie layered underneath an oversized denim jacket. It was such a cute outfit that was casual yet stylish and fashionable.
Rolling up the sleeves and showing more of the pink from her cropped hoodie gave the cute but kind of edgy feel to the outfit, which I loved.
She's so silly, isn't she?
I love it.
Here are some cute photos I didn't want to leave out.
I feel like you can totally see the resemblance between her and Jane, with the amount of funny but cute photos I was able to get out of the shoot.
Hope you guys enjoyed seeing a new face on here, I hope to bring her back from time to time.
Have a good rest of the week!

Grace Yourself.

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