It's Not Fall Yet?!

The weather here in LA is incredibly hot right now, and I am quite confused because October is almost coming to an end. LA is definitely known for the warm temperatures even during the colder seasons of the year but I feel as if this heat is kind of crazy. I even remember seeing headlines on the news saying that this is a record breaking heat for this time of the year.
Our beloved Miss Seolovely aka Christine picked out a super cute top that is super appropriate for this kind of heat wave we are dealing with here in LA.
She paired this cute gingham crop tank with a super cute detail on the shoulder where you tie it in a ribbon (I almost want to say that it was my favorite thing about her top) with a pair of black high waisted ripped knee jeans.
This outfit is not only super cute, it's very fitting for the heat.
And not going to lie, LA is probably one of the only places you can get away with wearing an outfit like this in the middle of October.
She chose neutral toned pieces for the feet and for her bag, which was a good addition to the gingham printed top and the ripped jeans. Her shoes were very simple yet trendy as it was in the a mule-like sandal that kept your feet from slipping out.
There was also a slight heel on the back to help elongate the look of her legs.
It wouldn't be Christine if she wore her outfit without a choker.
This time around, she picked out a choker that is different from the other ones she has previously showcased here on Grace Yourself.
Chokers are such an everyday kind of a piece for her, and even though I'm not a fan of chokers for myself, I ain't complaining because they do suit her and her long neck quite well.
Along with the very simple and neutral toned shoes, she paired a very simple and versatile leather tote bag with her outfit.
These kind of totes are perfect for when you just feel like you have a little more to carry than just a phone, small wallet and your keys.
It's big enough and sturdy enough to carry some more like some of your make up pieces, maybe a full sized wallet if that's your jam, or just about anything that you need with you for that day.
Top - Brandy Melville (
Pants - Top Shop (
Shoes - Korea
Bag - Madewell (
While Christine was in the middle of her photoshoot, Sungho decided to join in on the fun and pose for the camera next to her. Christine actually didn't even turn to look at who had joined in but instead continued to pose. She only realized who it was after he had already stepped out of the frame and walked away. And that last shot where she is laughing and shocked at who it was is the cutest thing ever, I just had to include all of this in this post.
I'm hoping that this nasty heat is going to be done for a good while after this week, so that I can start putting on some actual Fall-ish pieces from my closet and actually bring you some Fall-ish content on the blog.
Make sure you stay hydrated through this heat and be very careful of the flu!
I died last week because of the flu and it was not a good one.
I blame the weather for it. My body was going through way too many temperature changes with being cold in an air conditioned building and then sweating out in the sun that I guess it couldn't handle all the stress from the temperature changes.
I hope to never be that sick ever again, and I hope you stay healthy as well!
Until next time,

Grace Yourself.

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