Don't Want It All Black

When you unintentionally end up with an all black outfit and you want there to be a pop, the easiest thing to do is accessorize with an outerwear that is not black.
With this look, I decided to rock my favorite denim jacket.
And because it's a light wash denim, it gives a big contrast from the all black outfit I've layered underneath and really brings attention to the outerwear.
I also picked out a neutral toned pair of pointy stiletto heels that are still fairly new to my collection.
I am absolutely in love with these heels, but my love for casual outfits during this past Summer got me neglecting certain pieces from my wardrobe. However, it is definitely time to start picking those back up and stop neglecting the dressy pieces.
Being such a shoe fanatic, I have noticed over the years that I prefer the pointy-toed shoes a lot more than the rounded ones. The sharpness of the pointy shoes give such a bold look that the rounded shoes don't give and it not only boosts my confidence as a woman in heels but it really sharpens the look of any outfit I pair them with.
For those who have been seeing me lately or paying attention to my Instagram posts and stories, you probably noticed my choice of little to no make up.
It's not that my love for make up has died down. Not at all.
I've just been caring more about how I let my skin breathe during the day, especially on days that I really don't need to wear make up. It keeps my pores from being clogged, saves me a lot of time getting ready, and it helps me to embrace the natural face.
On the days I do wear make up, however, I have been really enjoying the more K-beauty type of eye make up looks more than the westernized make up looks lately.
I don't know what it is, but I love how this angle makes my feet and shoes look nice.
I have wide feet (blame the genetics) and when I find a pair of shoes that help hide the wideness of my feet and still gives enough comfort, it makes me love them even more.
These newlyweds wanted to join in on the photoshoot I was having, so we just had to get some cute shots. Pretty candid, and I love it!
I hope your week has been amazing so far, and cheers to another warm weekend (hopefully the last) before the colder season actually kicks in!

Grace Yourself.

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