Poolside Summer Fun

It's been so hot these past couple of weeks, and I can't help but think of this day when I enjoyed some sun by the poolside with my lovely ladies of HEWJ.
I bought a new bikini recently, and I was excited to finally wear it to the pool.
I also got a new top that I fell in love with, and decided to put it together as my outfit that day.
An all-black outfit may not be the greatest choice for a hot summer day but I decided to go with it because I really wanted to wear that new top. And because it's a crop top, I went for a skirt that was high-waisted to cover up the stomach area.
Top - Fashion Q
Skirt - Zara
Swimsuit - Victoria's Secret
Shoes - VC
Watch - Michael Kors
Us being us and being girls, we definitely couldn't say no to group selfies. 
How can we? So we scored a few cute ones.
We're planning on having a night swim soon, and hope we can get some cute photos then too.<3
After our swim session, we decided to go get some delicious and healthy snack at Ubatuba.
I absolutely love Ubatuba, you should go try their acai bowls if you haven't already.
It was definitely the perfect snack to eat after swimming, and I am totally craving it right now.
Thanks for enjoying my blog post, and hope to update you guys again soon.
Stay cool everybody!

Grace Yourself.

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