Summer Seo-Lovely feat. Willie

The Seo-Lovely lady Christine is back on Grace Yourself with an ever so lovely outfit to celebrate the beginning of this Summer season. Her outfit was a very simple, semi-casual type of an outfit.
Shirt - Korea
Skirt - Brandy Melville
Shoes - Forever 21
The nude/tan tone of the shoes make it very easy to fit almost any outfit, and it is a style very fitting to the Summer season. I've also been personally in love with shoes that have thin straps at the ankles because it tends to give a very feminine feel to the whole look.
Sae wanted to join in on the photoshoot fun and I just had to include these photos.
Congrats on being on Grace Yourself for the first time! :P
So Christine recently got a new family member, Willie.
He is a maltipoo and is only about 12 weeks old.
If you know me, you know how much I love dogs.
He was such a cute little puppy, I want to play with him all day long!
And of course, we had to feature him in here because he is just so adorable.
Give Christine some love and stop by her blog!
It's been so hot these couple of weeks, I'm dying.
I hope you guys stay hydrated and dress lightly and fashionably this Summer.

Grace Yourself.
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