Afternoon Tea Time

Finally updating you with the long overdue blog post of when I went to have afternoon tea with Jane.
I purchased a Groupon for Chado Tea Room a while back, and I finally went to use my Groupon deal. The deal I purchased was afternoon tea for two people, with tea tasting at the end of the meal.
We got to choose whichever tea we wanted from their book of teas, and they served us with finger foods to go with our teas.
The small cups above are the teas that we got to taste at the very end, which included types of green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and two more that I cannot really remember. We both only liked about two or three of them because some of them were a bit too strong and bitter for our tastebuds.
Jane took a bunch of pictures for me that I originally didn't think I would be using on my blog but they turned out so nice that I just had to include them. I posted them all over my Instagram page as well, because I just couldn't get over how they turned out.
When I tried getting actual shots for the blog, the sun was way too high up there to find a place with decent lighting. So excuse some of these photos and their bad lighting...haha
Shirt - Bebe
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Free People
Purse - Rebecca Minkoff
The shoes and the shirt went so well together, I actually didn't even realize until I looked at all these pictures. The light nude color of the shirt and the shoes give such a feminine look to the whole outfit, and black pants with it is just a classic match. It was more so because of the black details on the platform of the shoes. The shoes are actually not as comfortable as it looks because there is an ankle strap that doesn't seem to really hold well. However, I love the look of it and sometimes you gotta give up the comfort for the fashion.
Jame came rocking her semi-casual outfit to our date. Her distressed light wash boyfriend jeans with the strappy heels were my favorite part. I can't rock a pair of boyfriend jeans so when someone can rock them, it's just like "wow."
She paired it up with a violet colored top with cutouts at the shoulders. It was a hot day so it was very fitting to the weather, and it was paired well with a set of silver necklace to accessorize the look.
Shirt - Ella Moss
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Nordstrom
Purse - Nordstrom

Jane always loves to give me some funny shots and I love including them into my blog posts.
I love you Jane, don't hate me! Haha
I hope you all have a great 4th of July.
Happy birthday ALLAN KIM!

Grace Yourself.

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