Bye Bye Summer

As my Summer break was coming to an end, I finally was able to go on a date with my lovely friend, Jane.
Because I live right up the street from the infamous California Donuts, we decided to stop by to pick up their donut fries. People will not understand me when I say this, but I am not a donut lover. The only time I will tell you that they were good is if you give me Krispy Kreme's original glazed donuts.
But out of curiosity, we got these and we both liked it. It was actually better than donuts because they put cinnamon powder over them kind of like churros. They put melted chocolate over it with some sprinkles and wala, they are the new donut fries. I can totally see myself going there to grab some more of these and their delicious ham and cheese croissant in the near future.
I had purchased a groupon deal a couple months ago, for some shabu shabu in Redondo Beach.
We made our way to Redondo Beach, which is right by Torrance, after we picked up the donut fries.
This place was called iShabu Shabu and I believe they are a fairly new restaurant.
You choose a type of broth you want, and then the type of meat you want.
They bring out the broth and it starts boiling in front of you.
You then put the vegetables that they bring out into the broth, and let it just boil.
Once the broth with the vegetables start boiling, you put the meat in piece by piece.
They are thin slices and because the broth is already at its boiling point, the meat cooks pretty fast.
You fish out the  meat and the other vegetables that were put into the broth and enjoy it together with the sauce they make for you along with your choice of brown or white rice.
It was pretty difficult to take nice pictures of the food because the table was oddly too tall for me and the broth was placed a little too far in front of me. If I was to compare this place to the shabu shabu places I typically go to here in Koreatown, I thought they were just okay. I really liked their sauce, which was a combination of raw egg, garlic, sesame oil and some more ingredients that I cannot recall.
I would prefer either Shabuya which is an all you can eat shabu shabu place that kind of newly opened up, or Khan, which is not an all you can eat place.
It's been quite a while since I did a photoshoot with Jane, or with just anyone in general, but I couldn't not photograph my outfit of the day. Sorry for the slight awkwardness in the photos, I was struggling a little haha.
My mom bought me a new shirt, which seriously has all the different favorites just combined in one piece of clothing. I love floral prints. Off-shoulder tops and dresses have been a fad lately, and something I love as a Summer piece. It was flowy, meaning I didn't have to worry too much about always sucking in my tummy, and the long sleeves helped to hide my thick arms. It was only about $15 at Forever 21, but I am more than happy about it that I want to wear it like all the time.
Shirt - Forever 21
Pants - Zara
Shoes - Madewell
I had curled my hair using my NuMe curling rod, but my hair tends to curl out pretty fast so this is how it looked after just a few hours of having done my hair. I've been growing out my hair persistently to be able to completely get rid of my dyed hair and just have my natural black hair for a while.
Here's more of a close-up of my shirt, and look how cute it is. The off-shoulder shirt makes me feel feminine and the colorfulness of the shirt gives character. I just love love love it.
This picture was totally Jane's idea, and I didn't think she would've taken it this close up.
I typically struggle quite a bit with my eyebrows because they're pretty uneven and I try to make them look even when I fill them in. I've been playing around with different eyeshadows I own, and I don't know if you can really see but I have been totally in love with the pinky shades lately. I have been wearing falsies pretty religiously for the past couple of months, and I've gotten quite used to wearing lashes that I used to think were too long for me. And my lips? Yes. I have been loving the YSL volupte shine lipstick gifted to me by dear Christine (aka Seolovely), topped off with my ultimate favorite Dior Lip Glow in pink for more moisture for my dry lips.
School just started today, and I am not sure that I am excited for this semester.
I hope you guys are finishing off your Summer with a bang or already have finished it off with a bang, and I wish you all a good good Summer/Fall season!

Grace Yourself.

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