Because It Was Easter.

It was Easter Sunday yesterday, and these lovely ladies came to church expressing their love for Easter with their clothes. As you can see, they are all wearing colors that suit the typical "theme" of Easter, but they all have distinctive styles that suit each of them very well.

Sooyeon Marie Kim is a dongseng of mine, who I've been attending LA Sarang Community Church with for the past 7-8 years. She was excited to be featured on my blog, but she also kept saying she didn't know how to pose for the photos. She was such a liar...we were actually all surprised at how natural she looked even though she kept saying she felt awkward.

Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - Steve Madden
Backpack - a hand-me-down from her mom's friend

There was so much wind when we were taking these photos, that we started cracking up about how puffy their skirts got. They're so cute!

Do you guys remember Caroline? She was featured on my blog for my previous post ("Twinning Vocalists") and another one a while back ("Simply Fall"). She has come back on my blog with an adorable outfit.

Dress - Forever 21
Shoes - Nordstrom
Purse - Gucci

It was really fun taking photos of them, and it was a time with lots of laughter and bonding. All of them are so cute and I love them so much!

The last person I have to feature today is Jane. She looked so cute in her little bubble skirt and the color scheme was very fitting to Easter.

Cardigan - J. Crew
Skirt - from her auntie
Shoes - Lucky Brand

(I couldn't pass on posting them on here... they're funny yet cute!)


Have a great week everyone!

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