Twinning Vocalists : Rachelle Song & Caroline Kim

My two lovely sisters walked into church twinning. They asked me to take a picture for them and I thought, they look pretty cute. Why not put these up on my blog?

As you can see, the lighting of the room wasn't the greatest for nice photos in our worship room but it looked nicer than when they were posing for it out in the sun.

These two are our lovely vocals for Arise EM's praise team and it's always wonderful serving with them on praise team. They're both into fashion although their styles are quite different. Another thing they share in common is their love for food and taking nice photos of food!

Above are the links to their Instagram accounts, respectively. Caroline has two (I wasn't sure if her personal one is public or private) and the one at the very right is dedicated to her food photos so make sure to check them out!

Rachelle (left) has refused to be featured in my blog for personal reasons of not looking so great in photos at the moment and said she'll do it when she loses weight. She actually has no idea right now that I am about to post this, but I think she actually looks pretty good in these photos. Caroline (right) helped me get Rachelle's outfit details. I hope she doesn't kill us!

Rachelle's outfit details:
Shirt(blush) - Korea
Silk Tank(black) - Mango
Jeans(blue) - BDG from UO
Shoes(tan) - UO

Caroline's outfit details:
Shirt(blush) - Forever 21
Jeans(blue) - J Brand
Shoes(Taupe) - Jeffrey Campbell

Above photo has been selected for this post due to the obsession Caroline had over it. It's a very candid "in the midst of posing" sort of a photo (photocreds to me, of course. HAHA) and Rachelle looks pretty chic and model-like, while you can see Caroline's signature dimple.

Have a great Sunday night and a great start to a new week!
And remember, it's Passion Week. Let us spend this next week with an extra prayerful hearts as we approach Good Friday (when Jesus was crucified on the cross) and Easter Sunday (when Jesus resurrected from the dead). 

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