Bring Out The Outerwear: Daniel Lee

Here's a new face being featured here on Grace Yourself, all the way from UC Irvine.
He is currently an employee at a UNIQLO in Irvine, and he is flaunting his simple yet warm outfit that happens to be mostly from UNIQLO.

Being put on the spotlight was a little hard for him as it is usually the case for first timers.
I got some nice photos though, so I guess it doesn't matter after all.

Shirt - Slim Fit Oxford Blue from UNIQLO
Pants - Stretch Slim Fit Tapered Jeans Navy from UNIQLO
Jacket - Mountain Parka from UNIQLO
Shoes - Beeswax Leather Desert Boots from Clarks
Watch - Michael Kors Men

I really liked his outerwear because that's the kind of jacket that I've been wanting for myself in a women's style. I also loved the taupe color of the jacket because it tends to be quite versatile.

This was my favorite pose of Daniel from all of what I captured. I love how the hands in the pockets line up his jacket and I really like how it shows his confidence in the outfit.

Can you strike a manly and fashionable pose like Daniel? :)
    is he the first guy to do it alone

    1. I guess so if you don't consider Sungho's to be one of those haha


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