The Likeness of a Couple: JK&AK

Well, isn't this a very familiar face here on Grace Yourself?
We're back with another post of our lovely model, Jane Kim.
 Although she is back on here once again, this one is a little more special for her.
This post will feature Jane's boyfriend who is also a good friend and brother, Allan Kim.

It was getting quite chilly, which brought out some nice fall clothes out of her closet.
Denim on denim has been an on-going fashion trend lately, and Jane did a good job of putting the denim button up (UNIQLO) and the denim jeans (J-Brand) together. Denim on denim can look really good if you match up the colors and designs well, and I really liked how she pulled over a navy blue sweater (GAP) on top of her button-up denim shirt. The color scheme of her entire outfit was actually really warm to the eyes, which I really like.

I have always failed to pick out statement necklaces that I like when online shopping or just shopping around, but Jane seems to be collecting quite a bit of nice statement necklaces that look good not just on her outfit but to my own eyes.

I would definitely have to say that my favorite piece of her outfit was her shoes (Frye's).
For those of you who know me well, I have a huge thing for shoes. I even have shoes that I haven't worn in a long time or that I just have a hard time wearing but that still stay on my shoe rack.
Having this many shoes actually doesn't stop me from being interested in new shoes when I am out and about. What can I say... I just really love shoes!

Next up on this post is the boyfriend that I talked about in the beginning.
Allan and I have known each other for a good 7 years now, which has been quite a while.
When he was younger, he used to wear clothes that were more loose although never really sagged his pants or anything. As he grew in age, so did his fashion and taste in clothes. I actually really like the way he dresses now.

Allan decided to put a v-neck pullover (J. Crew) over his button-up (J. Crew) as well, and in the same color scheme as Jane. His button-up shirt had little prints all over, making it not a plain denim button-up like Jane's, but it was nice to put underneath a somewhat very plain v-neck pullover. 
He put on a neutral toned khakis (Levi's) which I would say is a must-have in a man's wardrobe. There are so many ways to wear khakis throughout the year for a man, whether they want to look dressed up or just dressed casually but fashionable.
To go along with a plain and neutral toned outfit, he put on his dark brown Clarks
And finally, he accessorized his outfit with a watch from Citizens and black earrings.

I couldn't deny them some couple shots especially because their outfits were somewhat matching.
They both rocked Herschel backpacks, which have been a quite popular brand of backpack for students of all ages.

And to bring this to an end, today is November 11, which is a day that Korean people celebrate as "Pepero Day." It is a day where lovers present each other with pepero (which is like pocky).
To go one step further is to do a "pepero kiss," which is eating the pepero from each end until they eat all that their lips touch. It is widely celebrated in the Korean community, and I just thought it was perfect to post this couple post on this day.

With that said, "HAPPY PEPERO DAY!" from Grace Yourself's Grace(that's me!) and the couple of the day, Jane Kim and Allan Kim.

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