Sunday's Best in Black

Dear readers, meet two of my family group (small group) girls from LASRCC Arise EM.
We happened to all be dressed in black, so I decided to feature them on here.
Charis Bae (on the left) and Grace Kim (in the middle) are both freshmen at USC.

It was just the day to be wearing dark clothes, for all of us were pretty much dressed in all black. Well, almost.

It is difficult to tell in the pictures but Charis was actually wearing navy blue pants that were dark enough that it would be easily mistaken as black pants. 

I wasn't able to get information for what they are wearing, but I am wearing a black long sleeve top from Zara, black pants from H&M, along with a pop of style and color on my feet with a pair of cheetah print heels. I chose to carry just an all black Kate Spade purse to simply keep everything black and simple.

Grace (in the middle) wore a pair of black pants/jeans, along with a black sleeveless button up, a pair of simple nude flats and a brown purse.
Charis (on the left) wore navy skinny pants, along with a black short sleeve top with a pair of simple black flats.

Black is such a nice color to wear any time of the year, and it also is a nice color when you want to dress up a little. Details are important when wearing an all black outfit. It isn't shown in the photos but the back detail of my shirt is beautiful and unique -- it is kind of a sheer material in the back that crosses over with a ribbon on the bottom of the shirt to tie. These things, or putting in an accessory of some sort with a color that would pop due to the blackness of the outfit would also create a nice detail and a character to the outfit.

Show off your style through the universal color of black.

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