Irene's Blush Overalls

Here's a new face on Grace Yourself! Irene is a cute gal who was visiting from Korea. She is my good friend Rachelle's cousin. During her visit, we really connected well, so I'm sad that I couldn't spend more time with her.  She's now back home in Korea and who knows when we'll meet again.
Irene's outfits reflect the typical Korean fashion scene. It's hard to describe the subtle differences that set apart a Korean-Korean style from a Korean-American style. There are plenty of trending videos on YouTube that show the difference between Korean and (Korean) American trends. There are very minute (sometimes almost unnoticeable) details that can differentiate cultural trends.
Irene layered a thin, black, long-sleeve shirt under a dusty blush corduroy overall dress. She paired the outfit with beige ankle socks with sparkle details that only show when you look closely. She also completed the look with white sneakers with pink details to match the dress.
I had a lot of fun shooting Irene because it was a fresh post from the trends you have seen on Grace Yourself. Everything from her poses to her facial expressions just screamed K O R E A. It hasn't even been a week since she left and I already miss her so much. See you again someday, Irene! T-T
Shirt - Korea
Overalls - Topshop (
Shoes - Puma (

Grace Yourself.

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