There are times I want to feel comfortable but look decent. I've been in love with this new Cream "Loyalty" L/S Tee from Hyoi Brand, which caught my eye mostly because of the color.
I love that Hyoi Brand represents their message through simple and neutral aesthetics, so I purchased it as soon as it dropped without thinking twice.
I wanted to capture some candid shots with this shirt on since it's a casual attire, while attempting to look somewhat hip and bold. What do you think? Haha
I am still working on being more free with my photoshoots and creating photos that are not always the same so do bear with me. :)
Something about the contrast in the colors of the text on the shirt with the combination of the cream color... am I the only one that's obsessed?
And not to mention, the long sleeves made it even more perfect.
It's wintertime in LA, but it's been kind of a hot one.
A shirt like this is perfect for those days where it's a little too cold to wear short sleeve shirts but too warm to wear knits and sweaters. And of course, you can easily throw on a jacket to finish the look and to stay warm when it gets colder.
Shirt - Hyoi Brand (www.hyoibrand.com)
Pants - Hollister (www.hollisterco.com)
Shoes - Adidas (www.adidas.com)

Grace Yourself.

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