White On White

One of Grace Yourself's favorite models is back with an all white outfit with a pop of black.
With the weather being super hot this Summer, her outfit was the perfect for when you just don't want to show too much skin but want to still stay cool.
Wearing light colored clothes are definitely one way to keep cool and loose-fitting clothes are definitely breezier.
Shirt - H&M (www.hm.com)
Pants - Zara (www.zara.com)
Shoes - Vans (www.vans.com)
With a lot of fads coming back and being recycled, she chose to wear these shoes with her outfit.
It adds a nice hint of black on a very white palette which I personally really liked.
This week is really hot and I am literally about to have a heat stroke.
Stay hydrated and hope you enjoy the rest of the week!

Grace Yourself.

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