Crochet Trim & Flirty Shoulders

I love this top and I think it's perfect for the Summer heat.
The material of the top is easy to wear without having to layer anything underneath and because it's not a tight fitting shirt, it definitely allows the wind to travel through and help feel the breeze.
It is a very simple top that could have been a little too plain and even boring but the crochet trim detail brings out some fun and the off-the-shoulder detail brings out a feminine and flirty feel.
I love all of that about this top, because it makes me feel very girly and I love it when clothes alone make me feel that way.
Shirt - Target x Who What Wear (
Pants - Zara (
Shoes - Steve Madden (
Clutch - BP from Nordstrom (
Watch - Apple (
I picked up this BP clutch because it was on sale and I thought I'd really like this color.
I have the same exact clutch in pink because that was gifted to me as a birthday gift from my friends, and really liked it. But because it's pink, I thought it'd be nice to have a color that is a little more versatile. It's a gray color with a blue undertone so in some lighting it looks more blue than gray but I am absolutely in love with it!
I don't even know how this photo happened but I just love how it turned out.
It almost makes me think that this is an art piece rather than a blog photo.
What do you think?
Thank you Jane for these cute photos, I love how they came out. <3
I'm about to go up to the mountains where it's apparently going to be 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and I am so not excited for the heat. I also don't want to tan but I probably will come back slightly darker if not quite a bit darker. I hope you all are having a fabulous week and until next time,

Grace Yourself.

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