F is for Friends

How coincidental is it that we walk into church wearing clothes of such similar vibes?
And NO, we did not plan on this at all. I was already planning on blogging my outfit from this day, but I had to photograph her too because it was just unbelievable.

Now that Jane has been featured in my blog several times, she's gotten better and more natural at modeling.

Her dress is from Zara. It's a white-ish draw-string dress that has a burgundy embroidery on the front part of the dress.
She paired it with a thin burgundy belt but it wasn't visible because the dress covered it.

She paired her dress up with a pair of simple, black flats that are also from Zara.


My mother bought this dress for me from a random Korean clothing store.
It's an off-white, draw-string dress that have black embroidery on the top part of the dress along with black buttons and collars.

I love how the tips of the collars are unique in that they have matching embroidery as the dress itself.
I also love how the chest embroidery has holes in them that show some skin.
To top all of this off, the collars and the sleeve cut-off parts have a black design around the edges.

I paired the dress with just simple, black heels that I purchased from a shoe store in Koreatown Galleria that mostly sell shoes from Korea.

[These photos were taken in two different places - next to church and in my house parking lot.]

[PHOTOCREDS: William You]

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