Do you know what it means to get colorful?

I have been dying to photograph this piece of clothing ever since day 1.

Just looking at this dress, it may not come off as that great looking of a dress.
However, your mind will change once you put it on.
That's exactly what happened to me.

My friend, Kristie Park, has opened up her own business recently. This dress is from her store, and my first impression of the dress when it was handed to me was not the "omg this is so gorgeous, I love it" until I tried it on at home.
The moment I saw the dress on me, I knew I was going to love this dress forever and ever.

Dress - "Daisy Summer" from www.1ratch.it

I absolutely LOVE colors, and this dress is full of vibrant colors.
These kind of bright colors look best on light-skinned people, and being fairly light-skinned, I feel that this dress looks good on me.

I have also stated in one of my previous blog posts[ Colors & Collars ] that because of my thick lower body, I tend to look best in dresses or skirts that do a good job of drawing attention away from that area.

I love the cut-out of the back, because it gives the dress a flavor. 
It could've been a plain shaped dress since the print is so vibrant. 
However, the cut-out of the back give the eyes a pleasant surprise without it being just too much.

Bandeau - Zenana Outfitters (purchased from Ross)

The hardest part of wearing and rocking this dress is the undergarment.
Because of the unique and low cut-out, wearing a regular bra underneath the dress would make the dress look ugly.
I resorted to finding an okay-fitting bandeau and just wearing that underneath the dress, but I do think that the best way to rock this dress is to wear a bra that is specifically designed for dresses with open backs.

Purse - Kate Spade
Watch - Michael Kors

Shoes - Calvin Klein

Can you pull off vibrant colors better than me?

[These photos were taken at the Americana.]


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