Step Hem Jeans

Christine's outfit was so chill and relaxed but edgy as well.
I really like her oxfords because not only are they versatile, they give off an edgy feel to the look.
I love that she matched the color of her shoes to the color of her shirt, and then wore two layers of light outerwear that gives character to the simple look underneath.
Shirt - Urban Outfitters (
Flannel - Madewell (
Cardigan - from Korea
Jeans - Madewell (
Shoes - Forever 21 (
Halfway through the shoot, the lighting started changing on us so excuse the different lighting from here on. I couldn't give up on the pictures though, so I just posted photos from both lightings.
I really liked the fit of her jeans, and how it showed her ankles.
The outfit as a whole does not show much skin so I really enjoyed that part of her outfit.
And as you know, these step hem jeans have been one of the latest fad along with the showing of the ankles. With the cutoff of the jeans having a frayed look, it definitely gives kind of a vintage like feel.
I love seeing her laugh, it's the cutest thing ever.
I hope you all are having a great week filled with laughter.(:

Grace Yourself.

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