Blue Jeans & Long Tops

Here is the long overdue post of my lovely friend Samantha aka "Sam" and her debut on Grace Yourself. This was actually shot on Christmas Day, after church.
Even though this was a very quick shoot, it was fun while it lasted.
Sam is a very funny gal and even though it was her first time posing for Grace Yourself, she was so natural and excited as if it was not her first time posing for a fashion blog.
And her long, skinny legs looked really good in those jeans and booties.
Shirt - Nordstrom (
Coat - H&M (
Jeans - unknown
Shoes - Target (
The lighting was giving us quite the trouble but I think these photos turned out better than I thought.
I love taking pictures of my friends and seeing how I improve on making them look as good as they can with just my iPhone, and I definitely will be taking more photos of Sam in the year of 2017.
Stay tuned for all the upcoming posts!
I hope you enjoyed Sam's debut here and I hope to bring more of her fashion on my blog throughout the year of 2017.
Stay warm and stay dry(and away from the rain!)

Grace Yourself.

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