Downtown Delight

This was from the beginning of the month but this month was a very busy one, so I just got around to posting this up now. Sorry!
These are my lovely unnies that are very dear to me.
Hannah unnie just turned 25 earlier this month so we went out for dinner in Downtown LA.
We love taking pictures during our hangouts in general but I couldn't not do a quick photoshoot for the birthday girl.
We got ready together, so I did Hannah unnie's hair using my Nume curling iron. Her hair is already curly from perming her hair but we went ahead and brought more shape to her curls.
The unnies were excited to be featured on my blog so they started posing. Jihee's got the chic face expression and Hannah's got the smiley face expression. They're so cute!
Jihee's outfit details:
Jacket - Zara
Leggings - H&M
Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Nine West
Hannah's outfit details:
Dress - Joie
Coat - gift
Shoes - Chanel
Bag - Prada
Grace's outfit details:
Dress - Zara
Coat - Zara
Shoes - Aldo
Bag - Kate Spade
Just a snapchat selfie that I really liked.

Here are some of the food we ate:
Bestia DTLA
We were so hungry that we couldn't wait for everything we ordered to take a instaworthy photo.
So that one picture is the only picture I took of our entire dinner.
Pie Hole's earl grey pie is so delicious, anybody who likes earl grey must try this at least once.
Make sure to go check it out, all you earl grey lovers!

Grace Yourself.

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