It's about time that I finally put up a new blog post.
I am currently sticking with the featuring posts because I'm still looking for a neat way to photograph other things to put up on this blog but I hope you guys are enjoying my "featuring" blog posts.

 My third "featuring" post goes out to my friend, JANE KIM.

She likes to dress in monochrome, especially black and white.
Although this outfit isn't completely a monochrome outfit, you can see already that the majority of it is black and white.

[These photos were taken at The Grove LA.]

She felt very awkward posing for these photos, it was pretty funny. And because I'm not a professional photographer, I wasn't being very efficient but I think we got decent cuts overall.

Top - Zara
Pants - Splendid
Shoes - Chanel
Purse - Marc by Marc Jacobs
Watch - Chanel

Thanks Jane for being my model and pulling through even though it was awkward!
I hope ya'll enjoy :)

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